How to keep your finances on track when planning an international move

How to keep your finances on track when planning an international move


Moving abroad opens the door to some great opportunities, but there’s no denying that it can get expensive! To minimise costs and put your best foot forward in your new home abroad, you should plan ahead and work with a reputable moving company like AGS Movers Germany

AGS Movers Germany offers competitive pricing to give their customers greater flexibility

Understanding the costs of an international move

Before making any major decisions, it is important to understand exactly what costs are associated with making an international move. Of course, these will vary depending on where you’re going and what type of items you’re shipping. But certain things like removal costs and customs fees will always play a part.

You should also look into different insurance policies, because even though moving companies take every possible precaution to protect your belongings, unforeseen events can happen. 

A reputable moving company like AGS International Movers Germany will be able to give you a comprehensive moving quote up front and explain which customs inspection fees you will be expected to pay in your destination country. They will also answer any questions you may have about shipping particular items, like appliances, and how including them in your shipment will affect the overall cost.

Knowing the exact cost of your move upfront is essential to ensuring that everything fits into your budget and enables you to prepare ahead of time so there are no surprises down the line.

Budgeting ahead of time

The next step is to create a budget that covers the costs of your move from start to finish. There are the costs of the move itself, of course, but don’t forget about transport and accommodation. Maybe you are spending your last night in a hotel because you have sold your house, or maybe you need a rental car to get to the airport. These are all costs that should be factored in.

There may also be costs associated with medical exams, obtaining legal documents (your birth or marriage certificates, for example), squaring things up with the tax authorities, or getting your pet ready for international travel.

Having a solid budget in place reduces the chance that unforeseen expenses will derail your attempts to get settled in your new country. AGS Movers Germany offers competitive pricing so customers have greater flexibility when managing their budgets during their move. 

Financing your move 

Your budget may have forced you to be selective about which belongings will be making the journey with you, but what do you do with everything that you won’t be taking? You can gift items to friends and family, of course, but why not sell some stuff and use the money to pad out your budget?

Getting full value for your items can be tough, especially at pawn shops or online marketplaces. Instead, consider holding a garage sale, and for certain more valuable items, advertising them on specialist websites (for vinyl records, for example). This way you are more likely to be paid what they are worth. Be detailed in your descriptions, and take good, high-quality photographs of every item (from multiple angles) so that potential buyers can see what they are getting.

Never forget to evaluate your progress regularly and identify potential areas for additional savings even after you have begun the moving process. Keeping an eye on every step of the way will help keep stress levels low, assuring a successful transition when moving abroad!

AGS Movers Germany: Your international move partner

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