Sights & Attractions in Germany

Sights & Attractions in Germany

Once you’ve secured your dream job and found somewhere to live, it’s time to put on your tourist hat and start exploring some of Germany’s sights and attractions! Luckily, a country this size has no shortage of great options to get you out of the house on the weekend, as well as fantastic public transport and long-distance travel options to get you from A to B. We’ve put together some top recommendations on what to see and do in Germany to get you inspired.

Monuments & memorials in Germany

Broadly speaking, German monuments serve one of two purposes: they either commemorate victorious battles and heroic deeds or soberly reflect on the country’s turbulent history. No matter whether they are intended to inspire wonderment and awe, or simply to make you pause and think, there are many monuments and memorials in Germany that should feature on your “to-see” list.

Castles & palaces in Germany

Germany boasts some of the most beautiful castles and palaces in the whole world, from fairy-tale palaces of turrets and dreaming spires to medieval fortifications complete with moats and drawbridges. While many of the more famous castles are concentrated in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, there are also a great number of castles and palaces worth seeing in other parts of the country as well.

Amusement parks in Germany

Thrillseekers assemble! Amusement parks in Germany are some of the best in the world and are scattered all over the country, meaning you’ll always have one in easy reach. Whether you’re looking for hair-raising roller coasters or a gentle stroll through Peppa Pig Land with the family, there’s something to suit every taste and age.

National parks in Germany

If you’re a nature lover with a passion for walking, cycling or wildlife-watching, Germany has an incredible 16 national parks where you can explore the great outdoors. From the windswept Baltic Sea coast to the soaring mountains and valleys of the alps, Germany has more than its fair share of dramatic landscapes and beautiful scenery.

German rivers

Germany is intersected by more than 7.000 kilometres of rivers, streams, canals and lakes. Learn about the biggest and most famous German rivers, from the Danube and the Rhein, to the Elbe and the Spree. 

German spas

Expat or not, everyone needs time to unwind every now and then. In Germany, one of the most popular destinations for people looking for a bit of relaxation time is one of the country's famous spas (known as a Heilbad or Kurort in German). But spas in Germany aren't a new phenomenon; in fact they have a history going back thousands of years. 

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