The German housing market

The German housing market

There’s a lot to think about with any move, but relocating to a new country throws up a lot of questions. Whereabouts in Germany will you live? In one of the bigger cities or somewhere more rural? What types of housing are available in Germany? Is there special accommodation for students? And what do you need to do if you’re moving within Germany? Fear not, we’ve got all your housing questions covered.

Housing types in Germany

What types of housing are available in Germany? What is most suited to you? Is it true that everyone lives in apartments? Take a look at the different types of housing in Germany and then browse our housing listings to see what's out there!

Student accommodation in Germany

Germany has always been a popular destination for international students, and many German universities have begun to increase their international offering by providing courses in English. If you are thinking of studying in Germany you will also be wondering about student accommodation. Although there are many different options available, demand for places is high, so it’s wise to prepare yourself well in advance.

Change of address

If you’re moving within Germany, whether to the other side of the country or just a few streets away, there are several administrative issues that need to be taken care of. Who do you need to notify? How do you get your deposit back? Can you continue receiving your post? We walk you through the basics of changing address in Germany so you can rest assured all bases are covered.

Home utilities

Renting or buying a place in Germany will usually mean setting up your own utilities, which can be confusing enough at home, let alone in an unfamiliar country and language. What are the rules? Can you choose between energy and Internet companies? Are you able to change suppliers? Find out everything you need to know about setting up home utilities in Germany.

German real estate agents

A real estate agent can be a useful contact for anyone trying to navigate the German housing market. An agent can help you with buying a house, searching for rental properties, or even property management. Check out our list of expat-friendly real estate agents, consultants and brokers in Germany

Interior designers

If you're looking to make changes to your home, an interior designer can lend you an expert eye, helping with anything from technical advice to complete supervision of your entire renovation.

Cleaners & Cleaning services in Germany

If you're looking for help with housework, cleaning, laundry or ironing - whether on a regular basis or as a one-off - take a look at our list of expat-friendly cleaning services in Germany.

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