German housing types

German housing types

Choosing your new home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an expat in Germany. There are several different types of housing available in the housing market, so selecting the one most suited to you and your family will help to narrow down your decision.

Apartments in Germany

If you’re planning on living in one of the bigger cities in Germany, where houses are rarer, you’ll most likely be looking at renting an apartment. Luckily, with up to 90% of the population living in rental accommodation in cities like Berlin or Hamburg, there’s plenty of choice in terms of size, layout and location to suit all budgets.

Houses in Germany

Renting a house is relatively rare in Germany, where around 57% of the population lives in apartments. Houses are usually located on the edges of cities or in more rural areas. If you’re looking for a house in one of the big cities you can expect to pay a premium.

Rooms & Wohngemeinschaften (WGs)

Shared apartments and houses (Wohngemeinschaften or WGs) are very popular in Germany, especially in bigger cities. If you are looking for a job, studying, or working in Germany, renting a room can be a great way to meet new people and save money on your rent.

Landlord hosting

If you’re looking for more of a home-stay environment, you can sometimes find landlords or families who rent out a part of their house to students or young professionals. You’ll be expected to follow the house rules, which can sometimes mean curfews, but in exchange, you won't need to worry about utilities and you’ll get home comforts like cooked meals.

Short-stay accommodation

If you’re only staying in Germany for a short amount of time, for instance on a secondment for work, a fixed-term contract with a short-stay apartment might be more suitable for your needs. Designed to be ultra-convenient, these apartments are fully furnished with all the amenities, while providing a more relaxing environment than a hotel.

Student housing in Germany

Students in Germany have the choice of several different hosing types in Germany. Most university towns will have several student halls of residence, although you are not automatically allocated a room. If you would prefer, you can also find private accommodation. Find out more on the Student housing in Germany page.

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