5 benefits of moving to Germany to study

5 benefits of moving to Germany to study

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Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad? AGS Movers Germany shares five reasons why you might consider moving to Germany to study.

While it can be overwhelming at times, studying abroad can also be a life-changing experience. Germany in particular is a great destination for students who are looking to experience a new culture, learn another language, and broaden their opportunities through education. Here are five potential advantages to get you inspired about your move:

1. Gain a global perspective and cultural awareness

Students moving abroad will need to adapt to different cultures, languages, and worldviews. You'll gain a deeper understanding of global issues and the ability to think from a multinational perspective. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone forces you to confront challenges that lead to opportunities for self-discovery. You’ll learn how capable you are of overcoming obstacles independently while growing in confidence and maturity. Adapting to a new culture means learning about local customs, values, food, and more. This helps cultivate an appreciation for different lifestyles and builds self-confidence in navigating unfamiliar territory. 

Immersing yourself in Germany’s culture is an experience like no other. Visit local festivals, try unique cuisine, and discover the country’s many hidden historical gems.

2. Further your education with affordable tuition 

You can receive top-notch education at globally recognised German universities at almost no cost. Germany’s commitment to universal access to higher education not only ensures that the country has a highly skilled workforce, but also offers you a valuable international career boost with a degree from a renowned institution.

Your field of study determines the various job opportunities that studying abroad can unlock. For those interested in pursuing an MBA, exploring programmes in Germany is recommended due to its well-regarded business hubs. When employers seek international hires, they seek individuals who can excel globally. 

Studying in Germany allows you to master vital skills like cross-cultural communication and an understanding of global matters, enhancing your resume's appeal.

3. Take advantage of a student visa

A student visa for Germany offers multiple benefits across Europe. If you're a non-EU resident, obtaining a student visa is necessary before your trip. Although the visa application process can take a long time and involves a lot of paperwork, once it’s approved, you can begin your studies upon arrival.

Usually free, student visas initially last for three months. After arriving, you can apply for a residence permit, which allows you to stay for up to two years. It can also be extended if you plan to study for longer. 

German law allows international students to work part-time, up to 120 days a year or 20 hours per week.Over 60 percent of international students in Germany take on part-time roles, which not only enhances their financial resources but also boosts their employability through added work experience.

Furthermore, the German residence permit also allows you to travel visa-free to other Schengen regions, giving you the opportunity to explore other countries on your bucket list. 

4. Create lasting experiences

Exploring Germany allows you to create incredible memories that will stay with you forever. You’ll learn life lessons and gain valuable skills that can be applied to your career and personal life long after your studies are complete. 

Acquiring language skills, and improving communication and problem-solving abilities all come with the territory of studying abroad. Travel to tourist hotspots, taste all the Wurst you can eat, meet new people, and return home with fascinating stories you can share with your friends and family.

5. Enjoy unparalleled opportunities

Studying in Germany gives you a competitive advantage professionally. By pursuing a degree internationally, you signal to employers your adaptability, bravery, cultural acumen, and understanding of diverse perspectives - making you a prized asset. 

With demand high for bilingual candidates, your studies can propel your career forward. Proficiency in another language as well as being familiar with its culture unlocks job opportunities both domestically and internationally post-graduation, and networking with locals enhances your job prospects after your studies.

All in all, studying abroad in Germany is an amazing opportunity that will provide you with educational, cultural, and professional benefits. With its low tuition fees, world-renowned education system, and diverse population, it’s a great country to explore - both academically and culturally. 

And while moving abroad as a student is no small task, it's also an incredible adventure with lasting rewards that will follow you throughout your life! 

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