Consolidated moves with AGS Movers Germany: The cost-effective way to move

Consolidated moves with AGS Movers Germany: The cost-effective way to move


Consolidated moving is the most cost-effective way to move your belongings internationally. But what is consolidated moving? How does it work? AGS Movers, the number one provider of consolidated moves from Europe to overseas, answers these questions and explains the benefits of this shipping method.

What is a consolidated move?

Put simply, a consolidated move is when your belongings are transported overseas in the same shipping container as other people’s belongings as they are all going to the same destination. They are therefore particularly suited for people moving smaller volumes of stuff who need a more affordable moving option. 

Consolidated moves by sea are also the most environmentally friendly way to move. Compared with air freight, sea freight produces roughly 44 times less CO2. No wonder it’s the most popular way to ship goods internationally.

How a consolidated move works

It might sound complex, but consolidated moves are actually a breeze to organise, especially if you use a moving service like AGS Movers.

Firstly, your move coordinator will group you with individuals going to the same destination. Your belongings will then be packed together with theirs into the same container. 

It’s important to know that your container will only ship once it’s completely full. This can increase the transit time as you will have to wait for your container to fill up. For sea freight in general, the more popular the destination, the shorter the waiting time. However, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, there has been a global container shortage. This means that, even if your destination is popular, you might still have to wait a while. 

Your moving company will partner with a moving company in your destination country to make sure you have all the paperwork necessary to clear your goods through customs and that your goods are delivered to your new home when they arrive at their destination. 

Alternative terms for a consolidated move

The moving industry talks about consolidated moves in different ways. The two terms you’ll hear most frequently are "group shipping" and "shared shipping containers,” but you may also come across:

  • Groupage
  • Shared shipping
  • Shared shipments
  • Shared containers
  • Consolidated shipments
  • LCL (which stands for “Less than Container Load”)

Choosing an international moving company for your consolidated move

Choosing a reliable, well-known international moving company for your consolidated move is important. Not only because you’ll get better service, but because well-known companies fill their containers faster. 

AGS Movers helps more than 85.000 families move to their new homes abroad each year. There are five main reasons why so many people choose AGS Movers to help them with their move: 


Founded in 1974, AGS has more than 45 years of experience in packing, shipping and coordinating shared shipments on six continents, making them real experts in their field. 

Peace of mind

They work exclusively with reputable, FIDI-accredited shipping partners to move your belongings safely and efficiently. FIDI is the largest globally recognised alliance of international moving and relocation companies. Regular external audits on more than 200 quality requirements ensure that FIDI members consistently provide the best moving services available.


AGS Movers containers are reserved for their customers only - you will only share a container with other AGS Movers customers. The containers are sealed at departure and only unsealed on arrival. Your belongings are never distributed between different containers, meaning you can rest assured that your stuff will arrive at its destination safely and altogether.


From the basics to all the bells and whistles, AGS Movers offers tailor-made services to suit your needs and budget. You decide on the moving date and destination, and they organise as much of your move (or as little) as you like: packing, collection of your belongings directly from your home, customs clearance, shipment, delivery, and unpacking at your new home. AGS Movers also offers short and long-term storage, vehicle transport, pet travel, and insurance.

Global network

AGS Movers operates in 146 locations in 97 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In Germany, they have four branches, in Berlin, Erlangen, Koblenz and Munich

Get your free quote

With AGS Movers, your consolidated move will be stress-free and affordable. To find out exactly how affordable, visit their website to get your free quote



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