Tips to help your children transition to life in Germany

Tips to help your children transition to life in Germany

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Moving to Germany with kids? The relocation experts at AGS have put together these tips to help you and your children adjust to life in Germany.

As a multicultural country that welcomes expats with open arms, Germany will offer your children an abundance of opportunities and experiences that they will never forget. But of course, as with any big change in life, moving to a new country takes some getting used to. Here are a few tips to help your kids adjust smoothly to living in Germany.

1. Talk to your kids about the move well in advance

It is important to discuss your plans to move abroad with your kids. This will give them the time and space to adapt and mentally prepare themselves for the big change, but it also helps them feel part of the decision-making process. If possible, it would be a great idea to visit Germany on holiday together before making the big move. This allows your kids to get a feel for the place and hopefully start getting them excited about the move.

2. Do your research to answer their questions

Depending on their age, your children will likely have several questions about the move. Try to anticipate these in advance by conducting your own research on topics that are relevant to them that they may have questions about. This includes schooling, tertiary education, your new neighbourhood, extracurricular activities and so on. This way, if they have any concerns you’ll be prepared and be able to put your kids’ minds at ease. 

3. Connect with other families to encourage your kids to make friends

It's natural to want to get your children settled into life in Germany as soon as possible. However, it is essential that you allow them time to adjust. Overbooking can be stressful, so try not to do too much at once.

Connecting via school provides natural opportunities to make new friends and gives everyone involved plenty of time to adjust. It can also be helpful to connect with other expats through forums or social media platforms where they live; this will give the kids an idea of how others like themselves are settling into life here as well. If you make friends with other families, it’s easier for your kids to also make new friends with their kids. And if they can see you’re settling in well, it’s likely that they will too.

4. Patience is key

Moving to a new country is a big adjustment for everyone, so remember to be patient with your kids and yourself as you find ways to settle into your new lives. It may be a good idea to keep things simple at first: where possible, continue to do some of the activities you did as a family before you moved abroad. Most importantly, allow your children and yourself enough time to become familiar with the new language, culture and way of life.

Looking for child-friendly activities and meetups for your children is one of the most effective methods to assist their transition into their new environment. You can also search for parks or playgroups where your kids can socialise with other kids, depending on their age.

5. Keep a positive attitude

It's natural for your children to be afraid or sad about leaving their home. However, it's important to maintain a cheerful demeanour and remind them of the many exciting possibilities that living in a new country brings. Keep them focused on the benefits and ensure that they know you're there for them at all times. Explore the various aspects of German culture, language, and lifestyle. Lead by example; take your children to local restaurants to try traditional foods, and go out frequently to encourage interactions with other people. If you're enthusiastic about your new life in Germany, it'll rub off on them as well.

We hope that these suggestions will be useful and that you feel more prepared to move to Germany with your family. There's no need to be nervous - a smooth and seamless transition can be achieved with careful planning and preparation.

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