Vegan-only REWE supermarket to open in Germany

Vegan-only REWE supermarket to open in Germany

German supermarket chain REWE will open a new branch selling only plant-based products, according to the Supermarktblog. 

Fully vegan REWE branch to open in Berlin

REWE is setting up an exclusively plant-based branch of the German supermarket chain, which will take over the disused Warschauer Straße building that housed the Veganz vegan supermarket in Berlin until recently.

The branch will be called REWE voll pflanzlich, according to the supermarket blog “Supermarktblog”, which cited an undisclosed insider as its source. Pictures of the location also show that a corresponding sign has been installed over the door, though it remains obscured by a black sheet.

The Supermarktblog predicts that the fully vegan shop will open within the first half of 2024.

Vegan REWE inspired by Vienna’s Billa

REWE’s decision to open the fully vegan supermarket was inspired by the success of Billa’s Pflanzilla branch in Vienna, which is also owned by the German international company. Across Austria, Billa Pflanzilla has already expanded to 21 branches, a potential path for REWE voll pflanzlich, should it be similarly successful.

Like many supermarket chains in Germany, the past few years have seen REWE significantly widen its range of own-brand vegan products. Now, opening the exclusively vegan branch offers another opportunity for the supermarket chain to understand the shopping behaviour of vegans and vegetarians.

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