Würzburg Wine Festival Season

Würzburg Wine Festival Season

Apr 05, 2024Sep 08, 2024
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Würzburg is nestled in the Franconia region of northern Bavaria and is practically synonymous with wine-making. Bavaria may be renowned for its beer - after all, it is where the famous Oktoberfest celebrations take place - but never underestimate Bavarian wine. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the multiple celebrations of wine and food going on during wine season!

Wine Festival Season in Würzburg

Würzburg is home to the biggest wineries in Germany: the Bürgerspital, the Juliusspital and the Staatlicher Hofkeller, which all host their own events during the season. Here are the festivals to look forward to:

Wine Press Hall Festival (April 5-6)

Würzburg rings in the beginning of wine season at the famous Bürgerspital winery, which dates back 700 years. Make the most of the famous Franconian wine in an indoor heated venue of historical renown, at the Wine Press Hall Festival (Kelterhallen Weinfest) at the Bürgerspital.

Culture Days at Juliusspital (May 4-19)

Culture Days at Juliusspital (Kulturtage im Weingut Juliusspital) mixes wine with art exhibitions, live music from jazz to rock, as well as tours of the Juliusspital. Visitors can taste some of the most renowned wine and soak up the atmosphere of one of the most legendary wineries around.

Würzburg Wine Village (May 29 - June 9)

Located right in the heart of the city of Würzburg in the market square, Würzburg Wine Village (Würzburger Weindorf) is a 10-day event with over 100 different local wines served in gazebos and festival tents, along with international food and local cuisine​​.

Bürgerspital Hofschoppen Festival (June 13-22)

In the courtyard of the historical Bürgerspital winery, Bürgerspital Hofschoppen Festival (Bürgerspital Hofschoppenfest) is a great chance to sample wines from the estate.

Hofgarten Wine Festival (June 28 - July 7)

In the court gardens of the Würzburg Residence Palace, Hofgarten Wine Festival is the most stately wine event of the whole season, with baroque architecture added to the mix. Taste wines from the state court cellar (Staatlicher Hofkeller) at the palace.

Wine Fest at the Stein (July 10-22)

Wine Fest at the Stein (Wein am Stein) is another scenic wine outing, where you can drink wine among the vines and listen to live music all day!

Wine Party at the Bürgerspitalhof Pfaffenberg (July 26-27)

The party (Weinparty im Bürgerspital-Hof Pfaffenberg) takes place in the yard of the Bürgerspital wine estate at the Pfaffenberg. The motto is "Top-notch enjoyment for all senses". Enjoy live music, a variety of food and, of course, the excellent Bürgerspital wines.

Würzburg Wine Parade (August 29 - September 8)

Würzburg Wine Parade (Weinparade Würzburg) is incomparable! Picture yourself sitting in a cosy pagoda-shaped tent on the market square, in front of the Marienkapelle, being able to pick from over 100 wines from the best wine estates in Germany, plus culinary treats of the highest quality.

Plan your visit to Würzburg during wine season

Würzburg is easy to get to via public transport. There are trains connecting Würzburg with many German cities like Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Find out more on the Würzburg information website.