Circus Roncalli

Circus Roncalli

Mar 14, 2024Dec 08, 2024
Various locations
Ludwigsburg, Cologne, Recklinghausen
Tickets from 30 euros

Circus Roncalli returns to Germany this spring with a 2024 show that takes place in the German cities of Recklinghausen, Cologne and Ludwigsburg. It also pops across the border into the Austrian cities of Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz. 

Presented in Roncalli's huge tent, this spectacular production features 120 clowns, musicians, acrobats and other performers, who combine traditional circus atmosphere with modern levels of comfort and theatrical technology. This combination of nostalgia and modernity runs through the whole production and is what sets Circus Roncalli apart.

Art, music and spectacle

The title of the new show is “All for ART for all”, with the themes of art and music integrated into the programme. It promises an eclectic mix. Acrobats dressed as The Beatles will present their exciting displays choreographed to the tunes of the Fab Four, while the art of the Bauhaus and the works of Mondrian, Warhol and Kahlo will be brought into the circus ring through the artistry of skilled performers.

Cruelty-free circus

Circus Roncalli does not use live animals in its performances, but has taken the tradition of fearsome circus beasts and turned it into a very modern, new attraction. Using state-of-the-art technology developed in a two-year collaboration between the circus and technical experts, circus animals will come to life as extraordinary holographic projections in the ring.

Ethical concerns have also influenced the catering offer. While visitors can still expect the classic circus fare of traditional German foods like Bratwurst, cotton candy and roasted almonds, there will also be a range of vegan food and no plastic packaging or cutlery.

Circus Roncalli Tour Dates

Circus Roncalli will be calling on the following cities on their 2024 Tour:

  • Recklinghausen,  March 14 - April 7
  • Cologne, April 12 - May 26
  • Ludwigsburg, August 7 - September 1
  • Vienna, September 11 - October 6
  • Innsbruck, October 18 - November 11
  • Graz, November 15 - December 8 

More information about these shows, and tickets, can be found on the Circus Roncalli website.