Handel Festival Halle

Handel Festival Halle

May 26, 2023Jun 11, 2023
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Not only is The Handel Festival the largest music festival in Saxony-Anhalt, but it is also one of the oldest and most renowned baroque music festivals in Europe. Taking place in Halle, the birth city of famous Baroque composer George Frideric Handel, the international event will see over 1.000 artists from across the globe coming together to host over 100 events in 22 different venues.

The most famous baroque music festival in Europe

The Handel Festival in Halle first took place in 1922, showcasing the German composer's oratorios Semele and Susanna alongside lesser-known works by Handel and other Halle composers from the 16th to the 19th century. Since the festival was founded, 34 of Handel's 42 operas have been staged in over 100 productions, drawing thousands of visitors.

Halle Handel festival

The annual festival presents a selection of Handel's best-known works alongside other iconic baroque operas, oratorios and concerts. The theme for the year will be "The opera", promising a plethora of performances like magnificent operas, harmonious orchestra symphonies, musical displays, and much more. 

The multifaceted programme includes cross-genre events for families and admission-free concerts, as well as talks, walking tours and the annual academic conference. Visitors can enjoy various types of music styles throughout the summer festival, ranging from classical to baroque.

Concert Handel Festival Halle

Hundreds of musical performances in historical Handel venues

Unlike other Handel festivals in different cities, the Handel Festival in Halle brings the composer's work to life in unique concert venues in the city where he was born and spent most of his formative years studying and working.

The 2019 Handel Festival in Halle saw two new venues opening their doors to the public: the New Theatre (Neues Theater) ​​Kammer auditorium and the Magdeburg Opera House, to stage the German premiere of Cagliostros Spiegel and the opera Xerxes respectively.

"Once again, the Handel Festival in Halle is set to be a summit meeting of renowned musicians," Dr Bernd Wiegand, Mayor of Halle.

The Handel Festival Halle programme

This year's theme "The Opera" will be brought to life by a number of great performances, including the Carillon Concert, the 19th Organ Night, Baroque and Rococo in Halle, Anna Prohaska and Bejun Mehta, 7th Symphony Concert, Orlando HWV 31, and many more.

handel halle festival

Planning your visit to the Handel Festival 2023

Although there are several free concerts and events taking place during the Handel Festival in Halle, if you are planning on attending a particular opera or oratorio by the German composer then be sure to check out the Handel Festival website (available in English) and book your tickets online now.