Düsseldorf Night of the Museums

Düsseldorf Night of the Museums

Apr 27, 2024
Various museums
17 euros

Düsseldorf Night of the Museums (Nacht der Museen), is an unmissable milestone for culture-vultures in Düsseldorf. During this annual museum celebration, over 50 museums in Düsseldorf open their doors from the early evening until the small hours. 

Enjoy your museums of choice until 2am

On April 27, 2024, more than 50 of the city’s museums and galleries take part in this one-of-a-kind event, inviting attendees inside from 7pm until 2am. Get immersed in exhibitions, concerts, installations, poetry readings, theatre and dance.

Certain museums are so big that visitors can easily spend over three hours there, meanwhile others can be explored in less than 30 minutes - that’s why Düsseldorf Night of the Museums is perfect for those who want to combine visits to the multiple museums in Düsseldorf.

For those feeling extra curious, guided tours take place in some venues. Visitors can also look forward to delicious food and refreshing drinks throughout the night.

Previously Participating museums in Düsseldorf

Here are some of the museums that have taken part in previous Nights of the Museums:

  • The Marionette Theatre
  • The Mannesmann Building
  • Benrath Palace
  • Haus der Architekten
  • Town Hall

Shuttle bus included

The ticket includes complimentary access to the shuttle bus that takes visitors from venue to venue, so it’s possible to try and fit in multiple museums, all in one night.

The origin of museum nights

Nowadays, events similar to Düsseldorf Night of the Museums happen all over the globe, but the concept began in Berlin in 1997 with a special night of extra-long opening hours at museums all over Berlin, with added entertainment. The idea soon spread to other German cities, and then began to be adopted abroad. Now, countless cities worldwide hold their own museum nights. 

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Buy your tickets

Düsseldorf Night of the Museums tickets can be purchased online. The tickets include access to all participating museums on the night, as well as the special Düsseldorf Night of the Museums transport provided.