Mastering property price negotiations as a buyer in the German real estate market

Mastering property price negotiations as a buyer in the German real estate market

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In the ever-changing landscape of the German real estate market, Nick Mulder from digital mortgage broker Hypofriend brings you valuable insights to help you navigate the current climate of rising interest rates and shifting affordability. 

With historically low interest rates giving way to a sudden surge in mortgage rates, buyers now have a unique opportunity to negotiate prices for their dream properties. In this guide, we provide you with essential tips and strategies to maximise your negotiation power and secure the best deal possible.

Understanding the seller's motivation

To gauge your negotiation potential, you need to delve into the seller's motivation for selling their property. Sellers who are in urgent need of a quick sale, or are concerned about the uncertain economic outlook, are more likely to compromise on price. Identifying these cues can give you an edge in negotiations.

Assessing listing duration

The length of time a property has been listed is a key factor in negotiations. Listings that have lingered on the market often have more wiggle room for price adjustments. Utilise tools like Immobilienscout24's Chrome extension to track listing history and price changes, enabling you to negotiate with sellers who may be growing anxious.

Mastering the local market

Becoming an expert in your desired area is crucial. Research and compare similar properties to gain a clear understanding of the average price per square metre in which you are looking. This knowledge equips you to recognise good deals and identify overpriced listings. Online resources such as Immobilienscout24 and Homeday price atlases provide valuable initial benchmarks.

Harnessing property valuation tools

Professional property valuation tools offer detailed appraisal reports that are relied upon by banks during mortgage decisions. These reports often provide lower valuations than the asking price, empowering you with tangible data to justify a reduced offer. Hypofriend advisors can provide these reports free of charge to support your negotiation efforts.

Setting a realistic budget

Consult with a mortgage advisor to determine your maximum affordability. Armed with this information, search for properties within 10 to 30 percent of your budget. Afterwards, submit a written offer, accompanied by a finance certificate from a mortgage broker, to demonstrate your serious intent. Sellers are more likely to consider offers from committed buyers with solid financial backing.

Preparation and speed

While due diligence is essential, be prepared to act swiftly when you find the right property at the right price. Collaborate with a mortgage advisor to ensure a quick mortgage approval process and expedite the purchase contract. Being well-prepared and prompt can strengthen your negotiating position.

Negotiating the agent's commission

With dwindling buyer demand, agents are becoming increasingly willing to negotiate both the price and their commission. As a serious buyer, leverage your advantageous position to push for a reduced commission. Lowering the buyer's commission also legally obligates the seller's commission to decrease, creating additional incentives for negotiation.

Patience in price offers

After making a written offer below the asking price, exercise patience and avoid hasty revisions. Even if the seller rejects your offer initially, they may reconsider in the future, especially for properties that have been listed for an extended period. Be prepared to wait and maintain your position.

Avoiding emotional attachments

While it's natural to develop an emotional connection to a property, it's crucial not to become too attached if the desired price cannot be achieved. The German market is witnessing an increasing inventory of properties as more sellers seek to sell. Remaining patient increases the likelihood of you finding similar or better properties at attractive prices.

Negotiating the price of rental properties

Buyer demand for rental properties has significantly declined due to rising interest rates and insufficient rental yields. However, buying a tenanted property can still be advantageous and present opportunities for price negotiations. Consider making discounted offers on these properties to align the purchase with current market conditions.

In the face of rapidly changing interest rates, navigating the German real estate market requires a strategic approach to negotiation. By understanding seller motivations, analysing listing histories, mastering the local market, utilising property valuation tools, and working with advisors at an expat-friendly mortgage broker like Hypofriend, you can position yourself as a confident and informed buyer. Stay patient, be prepared, and seize the unique opportunities available to secure your dream property at the best possible price. 

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Nick Mulder

Nick Mulder is the Founder and CEO of Hypofriend, he is also a real estate investor and hobby-writer. He covers topics ranging from interest rates, property prices to retirement advice.

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