Immofriend by Hypofriend: Find your dream rental home for free

Immofriend by Hypofriend: Find your dream rental home for free


In the competitive rental markets of German cities like Berlin, finding the perfect apartment can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. That's why Hypofriend, the popular online mortgage advisor, launched Immofriend - a custom-tailored rental bot for apartment hunters across major German cities. 

It is designed to make your apartment search not just easier, but also more enjoyable. Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of navigating the rental market, because Immofriend is here to simplify the process of finding your new dream home.

Let Immofriend simplify the process of finding your new dream home

Expats, meet Immofriend

Immofriend combines listings from major platforms and notifies you of new rental listings based on your search preferences: everything from number of rooms and price to specific districts and distance from the city centre.

The Immofriend rental bot works via Telegram, as it has great privacy features and is technically well suited for delivering you tailored content.

Here’s what sets Immofriend apart from the rest:

All major rental listings in one place

Immofriend brings together listings from all of the major real estate platforms - such as ImmoScout24, Kleinanzeigen, Immowelt, and Ohne Makler - and puts them right at your fingertips, saving you time and energy. No need to pay for pricey subscriptions, Immofriend is free to use.  

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Real-time notifications

Never miss out on a great opportunity again. With Immofriend's real-time notifications, you'll be the first to know about new listings that match your criteria. You can tailor your property search exactly to your needs by using multiple filters.

Early access to listings

Thanks to Hypofriend’s technology and partnerships with providers like Ohne-Makler, the Immofriend rental bot is able to notify you in real-time, sometimes even faster than the platforms themselves.

High level of privacy

With a strict privacy policy in place, Immofriend ensures comprehensive protection for user data. Leveraging Telegram's robust privacy guarantees, the rental bot safeguards user information, ensuring confidentiality and security throughout the apartment search.

User-friendly interface

Immofriend is designed with you in mind. Whether you're using it on your Android or iOS phone, tablet, or computer, the user-friendly interface makes navigating the apartment search process a breeze. 

Language inclusivity

With support for both German and English, Immofriend ensures that all residents, regardless of their background and language skills, can easily find their perfect rental home.

Get started with Immofriend

The Immofriend rental bot could not be easier to use. To get started, simply head to the Immofriend website and launch your own rental bot on Telegram. You can specify your desired location, price range and number of rooms.

You might be wondering, why is Hypofriend offering this when they are a mortgage broker? Nick Mulder, the founder and CEO of Hypofriend, emphasises the importance of innovation, stating, "Immofriend helps to democratise the rental market. A fair access approach creates equal competitive conditions, ensuring that all tenants have access to all available properties. We, as a company, very much value equal access and transparent markets. We also trust that users see how our user-friendly innovations can help them!"  

With Immofriend by your side, you can say goodbye to the headaches of apartment hunting and hello to your new rental dream home. Ready to take the first step toward finding it? Let Immofriend be your guide - use the app from the device of your choice and simplify your rental search today!



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