You can open a bunq account in the time it takes to read this article!

You can open a bunq account in the time it takes to read this article!


To many people nowadays, borders are just lines on a map. Put simply, home is where you charge your laptop. 

Living the expat life is becoming increasingly easy. However, one of the hassles everyone has to overcome at some point is opening a bank account in a new country. We’ve all been there: waiting in line at a bank branch and scrambling to get together all the necessary paperwork to open an account. 

Managing your money in the mobile age

You’d think opening a bank account was as easy as opening your laptop. Unfortunately, managing your money can be a bit of a pain.

Open a bank account in just five minutes!

So imagine if, instead of having to wait up to a week, you could open a bank account in just five minutes?
Imagine if paperwork was a thing of the past.
Imagine if you could open your bank account before you even moved to Germany.
Now, stop imagining, and meet bunq.

bunq - Bank of The Free

bunq accounts overview and card

With bunq’s mobile banking service, branch visits and paperwork are a thing of the past. In fact, you can actually get your bank account before you arrive in Germany.

All it takes to get an expat bank account is to download the app on your phone and verify your identity using your phone’s camera - you can submit your TIN another time.  

Start paying instantly

Not only is it possible for you to use your bank account within minutes, but you can also order up to 3 Mastercard and Maestro cards – and use them straight away – giving you the power to make instant payments all over the world.

bunq never waste time

What’s more, Apple Pay and Google Pay are also instantly available, so you can pay with your phone wherever you go.

Mobile & Secure 

Of course, bunq maintains the highest standards when it comes to protecting your privacy and your money is fully insured up to 100k.  

Best of all, with a fully mobile bank like bunq, everything can be done with just your phone – opening extra bank accounts, changing your PIN, setting card limits … Everything you want – taken care of in seconds.

And if you’ve got a question, simply open up a chat in the app and get assistance on the spot. bunq is available in seven languages and has a support team made up of people from more than 30 countries - meaning there’s always someone who can help you out. 

Banking that’s as easy as ordering take-out

After all, we live in a time where we manage our entire lives using our phones. It makes perfect sense that managing your money should be as easy as ordering a pizza.

If you want to experience banking that’s as easy as ordering take-out, give bunq a try.

Simply download the app and you’re good to go.  iphonex bunq



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