Free WiFi now available on Berlin trams, BVG announces

Free WiFi now available on Berlin trams, BVG announces

The BVG, Berlin’s local public transport association, has announced that free internet access is now available on its tram services.

Berlin’s trams now have free WiFi

Another part of Berlin’s Netzverkehr now has its own Netz. The BVG has announced that free internet is now available for passengers on the city’s tram network.

The local transport association said that it had kitted out 381 trams with a WiFi connection in the past months, meaning 100 percent of the city’s tram fleet is now online.

WiFi on Berlin buses to follow shortly

What’s more, in the coming months public transport in Berlin is set to get even better connected. The BVG announced that it will start installing WiFi connections on buses in the city, with the aim to connect the whole fleet by the middle of the year.

Until now, only Berlin’s U-Bahn stations were kitted out with a WiFi connection. However, the BVG has not hinted at any plans to connect U-Bahn trains.

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