Doing savings, Iban Wallet style

Doing savings, Iban Wallet style


Let's talk savings. 

It's already complicated enough to get to the end of the month with a little cash left over: making investments and growing a nest egg seem to be in another league of difficulty. Plus, in the midst of all this political and economic turmoil, it seems that we will have to start paying banks to keep our money.

On top of this, expats in Germany need much more documentation to open an account. And at the end of this long process, there seems to be very little benefit. But - in this digital world, there is always an alternative. Financial technologies are already changing the game, and this time not only big companies are benefiting, but also those who just have a few euros to invest.  

Introducing Iban Wallet

With Iban Wallet, you can open your free account with just one euro. Iban Wallet is a user-friendly online platform that allows you to invest your savings in different accounts, giving you the possibility to earn from 2,5% up to 6% AER.

What's more, opening an online account couldn't be easier: the only thing you need is an ID and a few pieces of information.

Opening an online account couldn't be easier! Start saving with as little as one euro.

Low costs, high returns and zero fees

As a technology-powered company, Iban Wallet has a low-cost structure that enables the platform to return higher interest than traditional banks. And unlike many banks, Iban Wallet has a zero-fee policy, meaning you can add or withdraw your funds for free, depending on your investment account.

Watch your money grow

Adding funds to your account can be done with a debit / credit card or with a SEPA wire transfer. Interest is also targeted to pay daily, so you can see how your money grows from day to day. 

Advantages of Iban Wallet

Iban Wallet offers all of the following advantages to its savers. Looking for more reasons to fall in love? You can find more information on Iban's website.

iban in app

Simplicity of use

Iban Wallet offers simple accounts which aim at annual interest rates up to 6%. Iban provides you with targeted fixed interest which should be paid on a daily basis, allowing you to track your portfolio’s performance. 

Targeted fixed returns and immediate liquidity

With an Iban account, you have the option to request to withdraw all of your funds at any time. One, Market and Dynamic have a minimum investment of €1.000 and a defined term. You can exit your account early, but you may incur some fees. 

Added security

Iban values safety and trust on top of everything else. For this reason, Iban has built various safety layers to secure your funds. All the loans Iban invests in are Asset Backed and have a Buyback guarantee. On top of this Iban still has a Safeguard Trust which offers extra security to all clients. 

Ready to start?

You can start saving with Iban Wallet with as little as one euro. 

*Your capital is at risk. Your funds are not covered by any financial compensations scheme as Iban Wallet is not a bank.



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