Clumsy Berlin car thieves caught after asking police for directions

Clumsy Berlin car thieves caught after asking police for directions

Thieves stealing a van in the Berlin district of Steglitz made a fatal error when they asked some passersby for the quickest getaway route to the autobahn.

Van thieves in Berlin shoot themselves in the foot

A group of three thieves who set out to steal a van on Wednesday morning in the southwestern borough of Steglitz in Berlin made a fatal error during their getaway attempt. 

After stealing the vehicle, the group wanted to make their way out of Steglitz and drive on to the autobahn, but couldn’t find their way. The van stopped and two of the men ran up to some passersby to ask for directions - passersby who turned out to be two police officers in plainclothes.

Police seize van for evidence

The police explained that they had watched the thieves tampering with a motorbike and noticed that there were a number of door locks missing on the stolen van. The plainclothes officers also found a stash of burglary tools and work gloves, giving further grounds for their suspicions. 

The stolen van was seized and the group of accused thieves made their way, not to the autobahn, but to the police station.

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