BVG bets on body odour to finally make Berliners wear their masks properly

BVG bets on body odour to finally make Berliners wear their masks properly

Masks have been compulsory on public transport in Germany for well over a month - but some people seem to be taking the rules more seriously than others. Now BVG, the transport association in Berlin, is hoping that a slip in hygiene standards might be just the thing to get people to finally cover their noses. 

“Get rid of deodorant” to make people mask up

BVG has launched a new assault on people who don’t wear their masks properly on public transport - by asking commuters to stop wearing deodorant. 

“Given that so many people think they can wear their masks under their noses, we’re getting tough,” the company said on Twitter. They are pinning their hopes on an uptick in body odour - which, as anyone who has risen a rush-hour train on a hot day knows, can be pretty potent - to get people to start covering their noses. 

Despite fines, some Berliners still not following the rules

Mouth and nose coverings are mandatory on public transport across Germany - and Berlin recently opted to introduce fines for those who flouted the rules - but there are still a number of people who continue to wear their masks incorrectly, usually just covering their mouth and leaving their nose exposed. 

The post, which was first shared on July 1, has already received more than 10.000 likes on Facebook and Twitter. 



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