Daycare and child care in Hamburg

Daycare and child care in Hamburg

Are you looking for expat-friendly or English-speaking daycare providers in Hamburg? Take a look at our recommended day care options - including kindergartens, preschools, playgroups, childbirth services, nannies and after-school care - in cities all over Germany.

Employing and managing the contract with a private childcare provider, like a babysitter or nanny, is easy with a service provider like quitt.

  • Lucky Kids welcomes diverse families, fostering early language acquisition through play and varied activities. Our approach includes a high teacher-to-child ratio, situational education, and Montessori elements, preparing children for school while nurturing a love for learning. Our goal is to create open-minded, confident children ready for a changing world, offering a diverse, joyful, and tolerant educational experience.

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