No German? No problem! Start a career in tech with WBS CODING SCHOOL

No German? No problem! Start a career in tech with WBS CODING SCHOOL


If you’re moving somewhere new, it may not be possible to pack up your career together with your belongings - but starting a new career after moving to Germany can be a lot easier than people think.

Coding bootcamps are specifically designed for those who want to pick up new skills and find a job quickly. Best of all, graduating from a coding programme could help you to work in Germany even without being fluent in German.

Ignite your career in tech for free with a Bildungs-gutschein!


WBS CODING SCHOOL, an award-winning provider of modern bootcamps based in Germany, offers programmes in English in the following disciplines:

The school offers both full-time bootcamps, lasting 15 weeks in total, and part-time bootcamps of 26 weeks, to accommodate students whatever their needs.

Study for free with a Bildungsgutschein

How much does a coding bootcamp cost? If you are a German resident looking for work, the price could be exactly… zero. The state-sponsored educational voucher known as the Bildungsgutschein exists for job-seekers looking to pick up new skills - for instance with a coding course. 

Apply for a Bildungsgutschein and let the German state cover 100 percent of your tuition fees with WBS CODING SCHOOL - and then spread your wings into your new career!

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Let Career Services take you by the hand

WBS CODING SCHOOL is not just a forge for the most in-demand skills - it also offers specialised Career Services designed to assist students in finding their first tech job.

From writing the best possible CV and cover letter to understanding how to approach technical interviews, the school’s Career Services will make sure you never walk alone.

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But wait - don’t I have to be really good at maths?

“My first reaction was, I don’t think I could do this, don’t you have to be really good at maths?” says Bruno Silveira, who came to Germany from Brazil, and went from working a job as a postman to one as a frontend developer.

The days when tech was an abstract and exclusively academic realm are a thing of the past - jobs in this industry are now highly diverse, frequently accessible, and the necessary skills can be learned by anyone who has the desire and the patience to study them.

With an employment rate for new graduates of 92 percent within the first six months of course completion and over 1.000 enroled students to date, WBS CODING SCHOOL is the perfect place to ignite your career in tech. Get started now.



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