Think you know Berlin’s transport network? Test yourself

Think you know Berlin’s transport network? Test yourself

Locals in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg can now put their public transport network knowledge to the test with Metro Memory’s German city editions.

Metro Memory launches Berlin, Munich and Hamburg editions

Rudow to Rathaus Spandau, Oranienburg to Wansee? If you’ve ever feared the dozens of Berlin U-Bahn and S-Bahn station names that fill your brain were useless knowledge, now is your time to cast away doubt and shine.

After the success of its first edition in October 2023, letting Parisians test their knowledge of their local public transport network, Metro Memory has launched Berlin, Munich and Hamburg versions of the free, online game.

You’re not against the clock, doing it with friends might make it even more fun, and there’s no prize bar a little confetti and nearing that bit closer to earning the title of echte Berliner*in, if that title can be earned. Give it a try here!

Metro Memory Paris and London editions capture commuters

After Paris-based software engineer Benjamin Tran Dinh launched his first, Parisian edition of the game, its second incarnation took London commuters by storm, with 400.000 plays in the first two weeks after launching.

Speaking to The Guardian, the 32-year-old who studied in London said he thought an inclination towards nostalgia and personal memories was behind the game’s burst of popularity. 

“Maps tell different stories depending on the reader’s location,” Tran Dinh told the newspaper. “They are also a visual way to anchor those stories in the real world. In the case of Metro Memory, I have seen people zoom in on the map, remember a specific moment they have spent in a certain neighbourhood and suddenly link that memory to a station name.”

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