Echt jetzt? Germans are drinking less beer

Echt jetzt? Germans are drinking less beer

Soaring inflation rates have now driven people in Germany to the truly unthinkable - we are all drinking less beer.

German population is too broke for a brewski

Something is rotten in the states of Germany. While Berliners normally walk around with Sternis in their eyes, and Bavarians eagerly count down the days until the next “O’zapft is!” rings in their ears, something feels off.

A new survey by YouGov has found that because of rising costs, people in Germany are cracking open a cold one less regularly. Almost every fifth person is now drinking less beer thanks to rising prices. In the past few months, some popular beer brands, such as Warsteiner and Bitburger, have had to increase their prices because of rising production costs.

Women in Germany still want to drink beer anyway

YouGov’s poll found that only 3 percent of respondents said they were drinking more beer in recent days, 61 percent had changed their habits and 19 percent weren’t doing anything differently. 

And while beer may be seen as the drink of men, lads, boys, lads, guys, dudes, lads, blokes and Ehrenmänner, more women than men have stayed loyal to the golden nectar despite price hikes. Prost gals!

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