4-metre-long, dead python found in Berlin park

4-metre-long, dead python found in Berlin park

A four-metre-long tiger python has been found in Berlin’s Hasenheide park. Authorities are yet unsure where the animal came from and are appealing for witnesses.

Passer-by finds giant python in Berlin park

A four-metre-long, yellow tiger python has been found by a passer-by in Hasenheide, a park in the Neukölln district of Berlin. Already emaciated and lying under a tree among rotting leaves and plastic bags, the unexpected discovery was reported to police on February 12.

According to the district vet, cold weather means that even if the animal was still alive when it was taken to the spot in the park, it would barely have been able to move. 

The vet will now carry out further checks to determine the sex of the animal and when it died, in the hope that it will reveal some information about how it got to Hasenheide. The results of the post-mortem are expected to be published within the next week.

Berliners must register animals over two-metres long

Animals that are over two metres long cannot be kept as pets without a permit in Berlin, and since no such snake is registered in the surrounding district, and there are reports of missing pythons currently on the loose, the authorities are appealing for witnessesssss…sss.

Anyone who knows about animals kept in Neukölln without permission or was in and around Hasenheide in the days leading up to the discovery should contact the district vet.

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