15 Berlin museums raise ticket prices

15 Berlin museums raise ticket prices

Visitors to Berlin’s national museums will now have to fork out a little extra for entry, as 15 institutions raise ticket costs.

Museums in Berlin raise ticket costs

Anyone hoping to visit Berlin’s - already somewhat pricey - museums will now have to spend a little extra cash on entry. According to the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, the organisation responsible for running the museums, the price rises are a result of higher running costs.

“Like many cultural institutions, we are dealing with a very tight budget,” Hermann Parzinger, President of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz told Berliner Zeitung

A standard ticket for a visit to one of the 15 state-run museums across Berlin will now cost between 12 and 14 euros per person instead of 10. This ticket cost does not include special exhibitions, for which visitors are expected to buy a separate ticket and pay more.

How to visit Berlin museums for free

Anyone who would like to take a walk around many of the affected museums but is reluctant to pay more should take advantage of the city’s Museum Sundays scheme, which was recently confirmed to continue until 2025.

Special exhibitions excluded, Museum Sundays allows visitors free entry to 60 museums and art galleries in the German city on the first Sunday of every month. That said, guaranteeing yourself a visit to the most popular attractions will require some planning.

For locations like the Altes Museum, the Gemäldegalerie and the Pergamon Museum, visitors are required to sign up for a ticket and timeslot online. These slots become available one week in advance of the next Museum Sunday date and they go like hot cakes.

But don’t worry if you miss out, the majority of locations allow visitors to drop by with no prior registration needed. The next Museum Sunday of 2024 will take place on February 4! Head to the website to check out where to spend your afternoon.

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