Collectors Fair Berlin

Collectors Fair Berlin

Apr 02, 2023Nov 05, 2023
Trabrennbahn Karlshorst

Whether you’re a hardcore collector, mild enthusiast, or simply curious, the Collectors Fair in Berlin has something for everyone. On April 2, collectors from all over Europe will flock to Ostbahnhof to peruse the immense assemblage of rare stamps, photographs, postcards, coins, and miscellaneous titbits. The second exchange will take place on November 4-5.

In a series of events corresponding to public holidays throughout the year, around 80 exhibitors and specialist dealers from all parts of Germany will congregate to open a valuable window into the past.

Collectors Fair Berlin

Artifacts and Antiques

The Collectors Fair is a special supplement to the Ostbahnhof Antique Market, which occurs every Sunday from 9am-5 pm. With between 120 and 150 stands, visitors are able to sift through century’s worth of antiques, including furniture, porcelain, books and jewellery.

Rigorous quality control ensures that typical flea market items such as clothes and other recent consumer goods are not present, guaranteeing an all-immersive and value-packed experience that has attracted buyers from France, Poland, England and Denmark.

Collectors Market in Berlin

Antique hunting is not only a spectator sport. For those looking to see what hidden gems they may have lurking in their own attics and cupboards, a special stand run by the Northeast Philatelic Association will give free stamp appraisals, providing an easy and risk-free way to get involved for the uninitiated.

Events at the Collectors Fair throughout the year

After kicking off the season on April 2, the Collectors Fair will make regular reappearances on public holidays throughout the year, with some days having a special theme. The second exchange will be held on November 4-5. 

Antique Market Berlin

Further information on the Ostbahnhof Antique Market and Collectors Fair can be found on the website.