Berlin Perennial Plant Market

Berlin Perennial Plant Market

Apr 06, 2024Apr 07, 2024
Domäne Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Strasse 49, 14195
10 euros (or 8 euros with advance booking online)

For those who have been pining since September for the simple sight of a flower blooming in the beautiful German weather during spring, look no further than the Berliner Staudenmarkt (Berlin Perennial Plant Market)!

During the first weekend of April, over 100 gardeners and tree nurseries will converge in the Domäne Dahlem organic farm in Berlin with a fragrant and colourful show of beauty and practicality.

Gardens galore

Although the various ornamental shrubs, bulbs, and tubers are sure to be a main attraction for many visitors, the Berlin Perennial Market also has a heavy focus on the useful aspects of gardening, from food to medicine. Fruit trees and herbs are one major focus, as are in-season vegetables such as chillies, tomatoes, and peppers.

berliner staudenmarkt

Image credit: Berliner Staudenmarkt / Kerstin Zillmer

Education at the Berliner Staudenmarkt

In addition to providing an opportunity for nurseries from all over Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands to show off and sell their wares, the Berlin Perennial Market is also an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn more about environmental protection and biodiversity.

A multitude of conservation organisations are typically in attendance to provide advice on everything from the importance of composting to maintaining a healthy balance of plants for pollinators and climate-friendly gardening.

In keeping with their priority of sustainability, plastic packaging is completely absent from the event, and everything from plants to food and drinks will be sold in reusable bags and containers. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own as well!

Get your tickets to the Berliner Staudenmarkt

With a regular entry price of 10 euros, (or 8 euros with advance booking online) the Staudenmarkt is a great deal. Time to get off the internet, get out into the sun, and set aside a few hours to peruse the stands of one of Berlin’s biggest spring attractions. For more information and directions by public transportation, please see the official Berliner Staudenmarkt Website.

Thumb image credit: Berliner Staudenmarkt / Kerstin Zillmer