Berlin Independent Film Festival

Berlin Independent Film Festival

Feb 15, 2024Feb 21, 2024
Babylon, Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 30, 10178

Looking for an intimate alternative or an artsy addition to the gigantic Berlinale Film Festival? Look no further than the Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF)! Held in the historic Babylon Theatre in the Mitte district of Berlin, this indie event features the finest works of Europe’s low-budget filmmaking industry. 

A variety of genres

The competition aspect of BIFF is a leading draw for spectators and industry regulars alike. The competition features numerous genres including standards such as feature film, documentary, and sci-fi / horror, as well as the less-typical genres of LGBT film, animated short, and music video.

There are also some atypical prize categories such as Best Micro-Budget Feature and Best No-Budget Feature. There is one characteristic every submission has in common: all films shown will be either in English or with English subtitles.

Workshops and networking

Of course, cut-throat competition is only one small part of BIFF, and the festival has many events catered to the more educationally and socially-minded attendees. Workshops and networking events allow filmmakers to meet and share advice on everything from marketing tips to artistic preferences, providing a valuable meeting point for Europe’s diffuse indie film community. Keep an eye on the event's website to see what's available in online form.

Showcasing up-and-coming talent

BIFF stands out from most film festivals, and even many independent film festivals, by prioritising the work of relative newcomers to the scene, in particular directors who are working on their first or second films.

By showing what these talented individuals can do with budgets ranging from tiny to miniscule, BIFF showcases an economical form of creativity that is difficult to find nowadays, and highlights the fact that great art doesn’t require millions of euros. 

Attending the Berlin Independent Film Festival

More information on the festival, directors, films and side-programme can be found on the official Berlin Independent Film Festival website.