Trouble at work? JBA Legal, your partner in employment law, will help you fix it

Trouble at work? JBA Legal, your partner in employment law, will help you fix it


Getting expert legal support is crucial if you are facing problems at work. Whether you need to fight an unfair dismissal in court, seek assistance understanding your employment contract, or simply have a legal question, Rechtsanwalt Jean-Baptiste Abel will help solve your problem in no time.

Since 2009, he has provided legal advice in English, French, and German on all issues related to employment and labour law to numerous employees from diverse industries and social backgrounds. Offering an end-to-end personalised service from his office in Berlin-Kreuzberg - as well as remotely - Jean-Baptiste is sensitive to the needs of the expat community in Germany. 

Jean-Baptiste Abel: Professional advice with a personal touch

During labour law disputes, employees struggle against their employers' structural advantage. Employees must know their rights and understand that they do not need to put up with everything. Jean-Baptiste has a strong sense of justice and a wealth of knowledge and experience in labour law, and so he can compensate for any differences in resources, expertise, and knowledge so that clients can meet their employers on equal footing.

He will advise and represent you in all areas of employment law: from the review and negotiation of employment contracts and severance negotiations to dismissals by the company or by employees themselves.

He translates every brief and filing from German into English or French, so you don’t get lost along the way. His multilingual background and studies abroad have equipped him with excellent language skills and a great legal partner for the expat community.

Jean-Baptiste’s mission is to empower his clients: “What I love about my work is that moment after the hearing when my clients can look to the future with strength because they have taken their fate into their own hands.” 


Termination – what now?

Many of Jean-Baptiste’s clients approach him after receiving a notice of termination from their employer. Needless to say, being laid off is an extremely unpleasant experience. In addition to the personal grievance, people often experience uncertainty about the future and a sense of helplessness when dealing with the dismissal. This can prove challenging because of language barriers and a lack of practical experience with local employment laws. 

Been dismissed or have an issue at work? Don't delay, contact JBA Legal as soon as possible!

Good news! Jean-Baptiste’s employment law office will support you during the entire process, from the notice of termination to reviewing a possible severance package offer and dismissal protection proceedings. Jean-Baptiste will advise you on which steps need to be taken and at what time, and together you will develop the best strategy for your case. 

Employees shouldn't fear a court trial so long as they are well-prepared, Jean-Baptiste emphasises, especially in the labour courts, where most judges have a good understanding of the concerns of the employee. They also know this is an unfamiliar and unpleasant situation for most people. 

Besides, you're not alone. You have an expert at your side who can answer all legal questions, help you get the best outcome in your situation, and also negotiate a favourable outcome. Suing your employer is at its core exercising a constitutional right. 

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Now is the best time to get things done

Timing is everything: getting a notice of termination from your employer gives you exactly three weeks to file a lawsuit. Even if the dismissal is blatantly unlawful, there is little to nothing you can do after three weeks to stop it. So you must seek legal support quickly. 

Direct communication is key - Jean-Baptiste will always advise you in person. Contact Jean-Baptiste or book your appointment now!



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