SteuerGo – the easy online tool for your German tax return

SteuerGo – the easy online tool for your German tax return


In a country as fond of bureaucracy as Germany, expats might find the challenge of doing their tax return a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever felt like that, don’t worry! SteuerGo makes it easy to submit a German tax return online – not only in English, but also in Polish, Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian.

Get a tax refund of up to 1.100 euros

Many expats who work in Germany only know two ways of dealing with a tax office. Either they don't do a tax return at all (if there is no obligation) – or they pay a lot of money for a tax advisor.

The truth is that employees are not obliged to submit a tax return. However, they are advised to do so, since every taxpayer who submits a tax return in Germany receives an average of 900 euros back. Users of SteuerGo can even get a refund of 1.100 euros on average, thanks to its customised tax tips.

SteuerGo is fast and easy

SteuerGo helps you complete up to two tax returns online for a one-off fee of just 29,95 euros. You only pay when you actually complete your tax return and submit it to the relevant tax office. This means that you can test the entire web application beforehand, for free, to see if filing your tax return is worthwhile.

Two tax returns for 29,95

Once you have completed your own tax return and paid the 29,95 euros, you can also do a second tax return, for instance for a partner or colleague. Get two tax returns done per tax year for the price of one!

Complete your return on any device

SteuerGo can be used on a computer, a tablet or even a mobile phone. You don't need to install any software and you can be sure that your data is protected. SteuerGo only uses top security servers based in Germany and complies with the strict German data protection guidelines.

Automated tax data retrieval

It is also easy to save time down the line by transferring your data from already completed tax returns to those for future years. A lot of your current data can be retrieved from the tax office and will then be automatically checked and inserted into the right fields on your tax return form. That makes getting your tax return done even faster.

steuergo all devices

Tax return without any prior tax knowledge

But isn’t it complicated to fill in the tax return form? No, not at all. SteuerGo guides you through the whole process of completing and submitting your tax return. The program prompts you to enter the required information and offers hints if something is missing.

Helpful tax tips

Simple explanatory texts enable non-German speaking users to understand exactly which information needs to be entered and where.

The program also gives you helpful tax tips for deductions, like submitting travel costs or invoices for services such as installations, repairs or home cleanings. It gives users a direct crash course in the German tax system and helps them to save even more in taxes for the future.

Save money with deductions

Did you know that you can deduct childcare costs and travel expenses to work? Were you aware that the bill you get from the person who painted your flat or helps with household tasks reduces your tax burden?

Even relocation costs to Germany or within Germany can be deducted from taxes. The same applies to a second household – assuming you have an apartment in your home country and in Germany – which again can reduce your tax burden.

steuergo tax deductions

Service is a top priority at SteuerGo

You can reach SteuerGo customer support from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The SteuerGo team is still there for you once you have submitted your tax return. As soon as the tax assessment notice is received from your tax office, SteuerGo checks that it is correct.

If the notice contains errors, you will immediately receive a template letter which can be used to file an objection against the tax assessment notice.

Unlike a tax advisor, this program is available to you day and night. You can do your tax return when it is most convenient for you and not just when the tax advisor has time.



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