SPD, Greens and Left Party push for office dogs in Berlin Bürgerämter

SPD, Greens and Left Party push for office dogs in Berlin Bürgerämter

A new motion added to the agenda by Berlin’s SPD, Greens and the Left parties wants to make bringing your dog to the office common practice for people working in the city’s official administrative bodies.

Office dogs could be introduced to Berlin administrative offices

Last time you had to make a painful trip to the Bürgeramt at 7am, you probably joined the chorus of people who think, “It’s so annoying that I have been waiting three years to receive a confirmation about my application for German citizenship. I wish there were more dogs in this office.”

Well, good news. The SPD, Greens and die Linke are bringing a motion to the agenda of the Abgeordnetenhaus (House of Representatives) in Berlin, which ignores the biggest D of German administration, digitalisation, and seeks solace in a much simpler, happier D - dogs!

The trio of parties want to normalise the idea of an office dog in the corridors of Berlin’s administrative buildings, in the hope that it might paint a smile on the already infamously friendly faces of Beamte in the German city.

Dogs will make Berlin Beamte friendly, politicians hope

All jokes aside, the parties have pointed out that “the possibility of taking one’s dog to work is contemporary and has a positive impact on employees”. The positive impact of having a canine animal companion in the workplace has been studied by scientists on many occasions and has proven to promote greater performance, proximity and satisfaction in a team while reducing stress levels. 

Studies also show that people are more communicative and chatty when a dog is around, and that having a furry friend that the office is responsible for means employees are more likely to stretch their legs at lunchtime.

The presence of an office dog also apparently reduces sick leave. Finally, the SPD, Greens and die Linke hope that encouraging Beamte to bring in their dogs could help to remedy the worker shortage (no, not in that way) by making the role more attractive to prospective employees.

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