Scalable: Low-cost, easy investing in English

Scalable: Low-cost, easy investing in English


Ever considered trying investing and trading, but not been sure of where to start? Scalable Capital is a leading digital investment platform in Europe that aims to give all people the opportunity to consciously determine their own financial future. 

This fintech company brings people and technology-based investing together with the goal of democratising financial investments. The platform’s aim is to empower everyone, from skilled investors to trading newbies. 

Why expats love Scalable Broker

If you’re an expat in Germany looking to make investments, Scalable Broker is a great option for you, for multiple different reasons:

1. Make investments in English

The Scalable Broker platform is available completely in English! So even if you open an account as a German resident, you can trade in English and receive English customer support. 

2. Easy and intuitive

It’s also super easy and intuitive to use, no matter whether you’ve got loads or zero investing experience. You can trade over 7.000 stocks, 2.000 ETFs, 2.000 funds, cryptocurrencies and derivatives via the Scalable website or the intuitive mobile app. 

3. Low-cost

Keeping costs low is critical to maximising your return on your investment. Scalable’s fees are upfront and affordable, and you can start with a minimum investment of just one euro.

Scalable also offers a number of other benefits:

  • Price alerts: Set up price alerts to receive push notifications when your price level is reached.
  • Multiple trading venues: Get fast access to exchange trading at unbeatable prices via gettex or Xetra, the largest German exchange. 
  • Real-time prices and charts: Have an eye on market movements with all the important data in real time.
  • Trading (almost) round the clock: Trade whenever you like between the hours of 8am and 10pm. 
  • Smart predict: Machine learning helps you set limits and stop orders, to improve your trading.

No wonder so many expats recommend Scalable! 


How much does Scalable cost?

Scalable offers two pricing models to cater to different investment levels, depending on whether you're looking to add passively to a savings pot or make regular trades and investments: the FREE broker and the PRIME broker. All PRIME ETFs (Xtrackers, iShares and Invesco) and ETF, Stocks and Crypto Savings plans are commission free under both models.

Under the FREE plan, you are charged only order fees of 0,99 euros for each executed trade. Alternatively, for 2,99 euros per month you get the PRIME plan, which comes with unlimited trades without order fees. 

A savings plan is an order that is executed for you at the same time every month. This is an alternative to putting part of your paycheck in a savings account. Instead, you put 50 euros each month into four different ETFs - for example - that allow you to invest for the long-term, ideal for passive investment behaviour with a focus on building savings. 

You can start a savings plan with zero transaction fees with as little as one euro initial investment. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to be more active in making your investments, the PRIME broker plan is right for you. With Europe’s first trading flat rate, customers can make an unlimited number of trades for 2,99 euros per month. 

Start trading now with as little as one euro

Whichever plan you choose, you can be sure that you’re benefiting from one of the largest selections of stocks and ETFs on the electronic platform market and some of the most affordable pricing out there. 

Over 600.000 people are already building their wealth with Scalable and have trusted Scalable with over 10 billion euros’ worth of assets. You can join them! 

Visit Scalable’s FAQ to find out more or open your free savings account today. 



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