Say goodbye to your inner Schweinehund and hello to motivation this year

Say goodbye to your inner Schweinehund and hello to motivation this year


We’ve all been there: you come home exhausted after a long day’s work and all you want to do is put your feet up and relax with your favourite TV series. But the weather outside is fine, and you had originally planned to get some fresh air and exercise. You know you should. And you could. But you don’t.

Did you know that there’s a term to describe this feeling of inertia? It’s called your “inner Schweinehund” (inner couch potato). In other words, it’s your unconscious mind which resists the idea of engaging in an activity, especially something that requires physical effort. And it’s this internal feeling of lethargy and laziness that prevents you from exercising regularly and keeping fit.

If you’re wanting to do more this January, Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse has got some tips and tricks to help you conquer your inner couch potato and stay healthy with a permanent dose of motivation and discipline.

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Understanding and overcoming your inner Schweinehund

First things first, here are some tips on understanding, accepting and then overcoming that feeling of inertia that is so common at this time of year:

Recognising your inner Schweinehund 

The first step is self-awareness: recognise the presence of your inner couch potato when it comes to exercising. Understand that it’s the reason behind your inability to put your well-meaning plans into action. 

However, getting to know and work on your inner couch potato requires plenty of patience. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember: it’s not a quick fix; it's a process that takes time.

Celebrating small wins

Little victories are often the forgotten heroes on the path to success. Achieving your interim goals releases your “happy hormones”, which in turn strengthens your resolve and leaves you feeling good. It also gives you the drive to stay motivated and on track.

Giving your inner Schweinehund a name

Another method to counter your inner couch potato is to give it a name. How does that help? It makes overcoming this mental hurdle more tangible and surmountable. Questioning and reprimanding your Schweinehund becomes a personification of your internal struggle, helping you to communicate better with it and to keep it in check. 

Tapping into the power of a team or a trainer

When it comes to exercise, whether it’s a team sport or a personalised programme with a fitness trainer, having support to achieve your fitness goals can make all the difference. Every obstacle you overcome and every win you clock reinforces your resolve, taking you one step closer to your goal. 

Finding motivation and discipline in exercise

Motivation is a determining factor in wanting to keep physically fit. But how do you find it, and, more importantly, sustain it? Here are some tips:

Understanding the "why" behind exercise

Why should you exercise? What are its benefits? Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, achieve a personal goal or simply want to have fun by staying physically active, knowing why you want to exercise is what will drive you to push yourself when you’re feeling demotivated.

Using role models and success stories as inspiration

Reading autobiographies of successful sportspeople or following exciting sporting competitions are a great means of self-motivation. After all, these examples are a testament to the fact that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. And this principle also applies to you and your personal fitness goals. 

Adding variety and new challenges to the mix

The routine of a particular physical activity can feel monotonous at times. An effective way to turn things around is to try something new. What does that mean? You could introduce a different training method, add a new jogging route or sign up with a different fitness trainer who recommends a new workout routine. 

You could also try a more radical approach and explore a new sporting activity. For example, if you’ve never gotten into running, how about trying the Couch to 5k programme, or trying something completely new like climbing, yoga or spinning? 

Staying fit and healthy: Why a fitness check before you begin exercising is key

A pre-exercise fitness check with your doctor plays a vital role in your efforts to keep in shape. This comprehensive check-up not only provides an insight into your general state of health, but also helps to identify potential risk factors. It also includes personalised advice to help prevent any health problems or injuries. 

A sport medicine examination, such as the SBK Fitness Check, shows you how fit you are and offers helpful and personalised training tips, thus ensuring that your choice of physical activity is both effective and safe.

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Need more information?

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