Rundfunkbeitrag TV licence fee to increase by 58 cents per month

Rundfunkbeitrag TV licence fee to increase by 58 cents per month

The German TV and radio licence fee (Rundfunkbeitrag), which all residents are obliged to pay whether or not they use public broadcasting services, is set to increase by 58 cents per month.

KEF announces Rundfunkbeitrag price increase

The German Commission to Determine the Financial Requirements of Broadcasters (KEF) has said that the country’s TV licence fee will increase in price in 2025.

The 58-cent price increase will bring the bill up to 18,94 euros per household, per month. Until 2028 - a new fee amount is announced every four years - the Rundfunkbeitrag contributions are expected to bring in 10,4 billion euros per year for Germany’s public broadcasting services, which offer 17 television channels, including Das Erste, rbb and arte, 64 radio stations nationwide and social media channels.

Responding to the news, regional public service broadcaster ARD said that the increase will bring “major challenges” since the money will not stretch to fund future projects and will limit the broadcaster in further developing its online services which target teenagers and young people.

TV licence price increase is lower than the current German inflation rate

Defending the price rise, KEF representative Martin Detzel said that the new monthly amount was considerably lower than the current German inflation rate of +2,9 percent.

Now, representatives of the 16 German federal states must accept the new fee amount before it can come into effect, but they have limited powers when it comes to rejecting the new amount since their decision has to be unanimous. So far, seven federal states have spoken out against the price rise.

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