Rotwang Law: Your international team of legal specialists in employment law

Rotwang Law: Your international team of legal specialists in employment law


Living and working in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting experience, especially when your livelihood is called into question. It’s important to have the right support system around you, and that’s where Rotwang Law comes in - they want to help!  

Just a phone call or email away, their large team of friendly case managers are always happy to assist. They support a multilingual network of lawyers and partners who have a combined expertise in a wide array of legal areas and can provide advice in German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Meet the team on the Rotwang Law website.

Get support with all kinds of legal questions from Rotwang Law

What can Rotwang Law help with?  

Received a termination? Let Rotwang Law take over the end of employment process. They can negotiate with your employer on your behalf, to get you a severance agreement that is tailored to your specific wants and needs, whether that’s a higher severance payment, a longer garden leave period, or the removal of a blocking period at the Bundesagentur für Arbeit. 

Rotwang Law cares about getting the best outcome for you. They offer free initial consultations in cases where you have received, or are expecting to receive, a termination or settlement agreement.

Some situations they can help with include: 

  • Receiving a written warning: Rotwang Law can support you when engaging in mediation with your employer to solve the conflict and prevent a termination.  
  • Signing an employment contract: Let Rotwang Law look it over and talk you through any details you are unsure about, explaining how they might affect you within the context of the German legal system.  
  • References from previous employers: A neutral or negative employment reference can hinder your future employment opportunities. Rotwang Law can proofread your reference and take over the negotiation process to improve your mark and ensure that leaving one job won’t negatively impact your future career.  
  • Bullying, harassment or stress at work: If you’re dreading going to the office due to workplace issues, let Rotwang Law support you in figuring out the best way to go forward. 

For any other employment law issues, just reach out and they will do their best to find a way to help you. Hand the problem over to Rotwang Law and they can take over the communication between you and your employer, reduce your stress, and ensure that your interests are represented and protected.

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Why Rotwang Law?  

The lawyers at Rotwang Law have a heightened sensitivity to the needs of expats because some of them are expats. They understand the unique support that expats require, and they are truly passionate about ensuring that not only the legal issue is smoothed out, but also that the “after” period is covered as well. 

Not only will Rotwang Law be a strong negotiating partner that represents your interests with conviction, they can also set you up with mindfulness and wellness partners, like GAIA Retreat House, allowing you to focus on healing while they focus on your legal interests. 

Worried about the costs? Rotwang Law cares about lessening your stress, not adding to it, and they will do their best to find a cost model that fits your circumstances.  

You can contact them via phone on 030 235 98880, via email at [email protected], or via their website. They look forward to hearing from you! 



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