Police conduct mass speed camera surveillance across Germany

Police conduct mass speed camera surveillance across Germany

Throughout the week of April 16 to 23, German police will be carrying out a giant speed camera project across multiple federal states. Some camera locations will be announced in advance. 

Car speed control project begins in multiple German states

This week, drivers in Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia should make sure to be staunch sticklers to the speed limit rules. Police are undertaking a so-called Blitzermarathon which will mainly focus on areas outside Kitas, schools, nursing homes and near accident blind spots. Some, but not all, speed camera locations will be announced in advance.

On Friday, police in Bavaria and Hesse will also be setting up cameras. In an announcement, CSU Interior Minister in Bavaria Joachim Herrmann explained, “Driving too fast or not sticking to an appropriate speed caused more than a quarter of fatal traffic accidents in Bavaria during 2022.”

Greatest speeding offence of 2021 recorded in Bavaria

This year will be the 10th time that police in the federal republic have organised a mass speeding surveillance project. And in 2022, Germany was among 19 other European countries that planned such exercises, during which 3,1 million drivers were surveilled and 104.315 issued a fine.

Of the countries that took part in the 2022 project, it was a driver in Germany that caused the greatest speeding offence in Europe, speeding at 90 kilometres per hour on a village street with a 50 km / h limit. In the previous year, the title went to a driver in Bavaria going 190 km / h on a country lane where the limit was 80 km / h.

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