Pedal with peace of mind: The importance of bike insurance in Germany

Pedal with peace of mind: The importance of bike insurance in Germany

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With more and more people opting for the healthy and eco-friendly mode of transport, bike theft is unfortunately becoming more common in the federal republic. Feather walks us through the pros of taking out bike insurance in Germany. 

Germany boasts a vibrant cycling culture, with millions relying on their bikes for daily commutes, weekend adventures, and everything in between. However, this popularity means a surge in the incidence of bike theft. 

While you might think a good lock is enough, understanding the situation in Germany can help you decide if Fahrradversicherung (bike insurance) might be worth considering.

High theft rates: The unfortunate reality

Every year, an estimated 600.000 bikes vanish across the country, which means that, on average, a bike is stolen every 68,4 seconds in Germany! Of course, these statistics don’t take seasonality into account. The data tells us that most bike thefts occur in spring. This risk of theft is especially high in cities, where crowded bike racks and opportunistic thieves create a prime target environment.

The unfortunate reality is that any bike, regardless of its value, is vulnerable to theft. While e-bikes, with their heftier price tag, might be particularly attractive to thieves, everyday bicycles are just as susceptible due to their ease of transportation and potential resale value. 

Beyond theft: The inconvenience of bike theft

Sure, losing your bike means losing money, but the impact goes beyond the initial financial blow. A stolen bike can disrupt your entire routine, forcing you to rely on public transport or other means, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming (especially given the recent increase in strike action). 

The goal is therefore to ensure that you can replace your bike as fast as possible. Without insurance, replacing a bike can be a significant financial burden. Having bike insurance, however, can assist you in obtaining the funds to replace it quickly so that you can get back on the road.

How bike insurance can help

Bike insurance acts like a safety net in case of theft. Depending on the policy, it can cover the full or partial value of your stolen bike, allowing you to replace it without breaking the bank. This is especially important if your bike is your primary mode of transportation or a significant investment.

But bike insurance goes beyond just theft. Some policies offer additional features, such as:

  • Coverage for vandalism: Protecting your bike from deliberate damage and destruction caused by unknown parties, which is especially useful in urban areas.
  • Coverage for damage: Providing coverage for the costs of repairs resulting from an accident, a fall, production errors, or electronic damage, offering peace of mind in unexpected situations.
  • Coverage for wear and tear: Covering wear and tear resulting from regular use, including brakes and tyres, ensuring your safety.

Tailoring coverage to your needs: Finding the right insurance policy

With different companies and options available, choosing the right insurance comes down to your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like:

  • Your bike's value: The higher the value, the more comprehensive coverage you might need.
  • How often you ride: Regular riders might benefit from broader coverage compared to occasional cyclists.
  • The type of bike you have: E-bikes often require specialised insurance due to their higher value and unique components.

By taking the time to understand your needs and compare different plans, you can find the perfect balance between coverage and affordability.

Keep an eye on the fineprint

While bike insurance offers a safety net in the unfortunate event of theft, there are some conditions that need to be met in order to ensure that you’re eligible for a payout when you claim: 

  • Documentation: Your bike’s frame number and the invoice / receipt must be on file with your policy.
  • Good quality lock: Failing to use a good quality lock could result in a denied claim if it’s deemed a contributing factor to the theft.
  • Well-secured: Your bike will only be covered if it is locked to an immovable object.

Other things that are important to look out for when signing up for bike insurance include the cancellation policy, and whether worldwide coverage is offered.

Investing in a smooth ride

Bike insurance can be the difference between being able to pick up a new bike within a few weeks of having yours stolen, and having to wait months to save up for a new one. With the high prevalence of bike theft, it provides invaluable peace of mind and ensures you can continue enjoying the convenience and freedom of having your own wheels.

Ready to invest in bike insurance? Feather simplifies the process. With Feather, everything from sign-up, to contracting, to claims processing can be done online and in English. For bike insurance starting from 2,90 per month, sign up with Feather.

Andréa Reid


Andréa Reid

Originally from South Africa, Andréa has recently relocated to Berlin and now helps fellow expats navigate the complexities of German insurance with Feather, a company dedicated to simplifying the process.

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