Munich Airport train link disrupted until mid November

Munich Airport train link disrupted until mid November

Construction work on two S-Bahn lines and one regional train line means that Munich Airport will only be reachable by bus until November 13, 2023.

Replacement bus in operation for Munich Airport

Is there any phrase more terrifying than “Ersatzverkehr mit Bussen”? With spooky season just around the corner, the public transport network in Munich has decided to give us the fright of our lives. From October 23 until November 13, 2023 the city’s airport will only be reachable via a replacement bus service.

The disruption is thanks to construction on each of the lines which take passengers from the city out to the airport, namely the S1, S8 and RE22, each of which will end a few stops before the airport terminus.

Munich S1, S8 and RE 22 lines disrupted

Passengers using the S1 will be able to get as far out as Neufahrn before having the use the replacement bus. From there, a bus will run to Besucherpark every 40 minutes, where passengers can either change to a commuter bus for an additional 10-minute ride to the airport or get off and walk for 20 minutes to the terminal. For anyone coming from the direction of Freising, there will also be a replacement bus running between there and Neufahrn.

On the S8, passengers will only be able to travel out to Johanneskirchen before having to change to a replacement bus until Ismaning, where they can enter the train again to get to the airport.

For those travelling late at night or early in the morning, the journey shouldn’t be as gruelling with a train replacement, rather than a bus, operating on the S1 and S8 lines between 10.30pm and 4am.

Finally, people travelling from the north on the RE22 will also only be able to use replacement services from Freising.

Passengers have been advised to add an extra 45 minutes to their travel schedule to avoid missing their flight.

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