Insurance for expats in Germany - Coya's got you covered!

Insurance for expats in Germany - Coya's got you covered!


Insurance is one topic that a lot of expats miss (or skip) on their journey to settle in Germany. But that's no surprise. The topic of insurance is confusing. Traditional German insurance companies can be hard to deal with. Even locals agree! But Coya is the new digital insurance, here to provide the right protection you need.

All your important insurance in English

Figuring out what kind of insurance you need in German can feel overwhelming, even if your language skills are excellent. Coya breaks down the language barrier. The website, policy details, and claim support is fully in English.

While you might find websites that offer some English support, Coya is one that even has its terms and conditions in English! Their goal is to ensure that you fully understand your protection.

Wine glass spilled over your friend’s laptop? No problem - Coya's got you covered!

Private liability insurance

Owned by 80% of Germans, private liability is an essential insurance in Germany. Coya’s Private Liability insurance protects you in case you accidentally hurt someone (physically or financially), or damage their stuff.

Home contents & Bike insurance

Coya’s home contents insurance (Hausratversicherung) covers the stuff that makes your house a home. Your belongings are protected against fire, storm, water damage, and theft. The bike add-on will help replace your bike in case it gets stolen, even if it’s outside your home.

100% digital and zero excess

Coya is fully digital. You can access your policy digitally whenever you need it and easily submit a claim online or by phone. Coya does not charge a deductible and will not increase your monthly premium when you file a claim.

Coya wants to help you live more! They've got you covered.



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