How do you invest as an expat in Germany?

How do you invest as an expat in Germany?


So, you’re thinking about investing. 

Maybe you’ve read about how if you bought 10.000 dollars’ worth of Amazon stock back in 2002, it would now be worth over 1 million.

Or maybe you’ve heard about the FIRE movement where regular people working normal jobs save and invest, and retire at 40 or 50. 

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But if you’re an expat in Germany, investing can seem like a confusing game.

What investments can you actually buy here? Which brokerage should you choose? And how do you handle German taxes? 

The advice you find online is mostly for Americans. It talks about things like 401Ks and IRAs, which don’t matter to us here in Europe. And if you find a good website for German investors, it’s naturally in German. 

The ultimate investing guide for expats in Europe

If that sounds familiar, then here’s good news. Experienced professional investor Tom Crosshill has developed the ultimate guide to investing for expats in Europe: the Index Masterclass. It’s a six-week high quality training programme that includes video training, individual support, tax briefings, and much more.

In the Index Masterclass, you will learn about:

  • Smart investment strategies for expats
  • Finding the best index funds and ETFs for European investors
  • Choosing the ideal brokerage for your individual goals
  • How to legally reduce and simplify investing taxes
  • And much more

Get the first module for free

The first major module of the programme is available as a free webinar. You can sign up for it completely free of charge by clicking here.

The webinar is meant for expats from any country in the world except the United States (sorry, US citizens - US tax laws are not friendly to expat investors).

If you want to discover how to grow your wealth and earn passive income with minimum effort while living in Europe, sign up today and secure your spot.

Who’s the instructor? tom crosshill

Meet Tom Crosshill.

Tom started his career on Wall Street, and has invested hundreds of millions as a professional asset manager. Tom is also the co-founder of the successful European investment company INDEXO, which has 100.000 clients today. 

At the introductory webinar for the Index Masterclass program, Tom will share the best-performing investment principles that he knows for European investors.

He’ll show you exactly how he invests his own money. This is an approach recommended by Nobel Prize winners in economics and famous people like Warren Buffett, and it only takes a few hours per year.  

So click here to sign up, and meet Tom at the webinar. 

Don’t miss the bonus

At the webinar, Tom is going to share a cool passive investing toolbox designed specifically for European investors.

This toolbox will only be available live at the webinar, so sign up and be there

About the Index Masterclass

The Index Masterclass comes from Crosshill Global Solutions, LLC, a company offering high-quality investment training for people across Europe, including locals, expats and nomads.

Their team has many years of experience as professional investors working for regulated financial services companies in Europe and the US. 



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