Get your tax questions answered by the English-speaking experts at GeTEx

Get your tax questions answered by the English-speaking experts at GeTEx


No matter whether you’re a self-employed worker with a business tax question, or a regular employee wanting advice on your annual return, it can still be difficult to find tax advice in English in Germany. 

Some apps and platforms help you calculate and file your tax return, but they don’t offer the opportunity to ask questions about specific tax topics. They are in some respects “black boxes” and very often can’t give the certainty you require on your taxes. 

The alternative - consulting with a certified tax consultant - can be tricky, as not many tax consultants offer advice in English, and those that do are overwhelmed with clients and sometimes charge hefty fees. 

German Tax Experts (GeTEx) is therefore designed to close the gap - by providing a personal tax guide for English-speaking taxpayers in Germany. 

GeTEx: Get help with your German taxes, in English

GeTEx can help if:

  • You want to do your tax return on your own and have just one or two questions, but don’t want to pay for a company to do the whole thing for you
  • You did your tax declaration yourself and the decision from the tax office is different to what you expected, and you would like to have it checked
  • You just need ad hoc advice on any tax matters in Germany

Rather than committing as a long-term client, with GeTEx you get full flexibility, as you only pay for the information you need - the fee depends on the scope of the service. Some questions can be answered in a few sentences, while others are more detailed or require a full consultation. Best of all, GeTEx is available digitally, meaning no need for in-person appointments. All questions will be answered within three days. 

This means:

  • High flexibility
  • Affordable rates
  • No long-term contractual obligations
  • No appointments necessary

GeTEx can help you with all kinds of tax questions

The consultants at German Tax Experts can help you with all kinds of tax enquiries, including topics like:

  • Tax obligations for expats: If you recently moved to Germany and would like to know how your income will be taxed in Germany
  • Freelancers and business owners: If you intend to start your own business and need help with the registration process or would like to learn about the tax obligations of your business
  • Investments: If you have capital gains in another country or investments in cryptocurrencies and would like to know how this will be considered for tax purposes
  • Properties: If you have bought a house or apartment (and are renting it out) and you want to know which kinds of expenses can be deducted

GeTEx services

Get a fixed price upfront by choosing from one of the following GeTEx services

  • Short answer: For general, uncomplicated tax questions (25 euros)
  • Detailed answer: For more detailed answers, including recommendations (39 euros)
  • Consultation: For more complex situations, in which a personal exchange is advantageous (59 euros)

How it works

To put your question to the experts, simply choose the scope of service you require, fill in the contact form with as much information as possible (and with supporting documentation, if necessary), pay the invoice, and receive your answer within three days. It’s that simple!



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