Fundsback: See if you're entitled to a German pension refund

Fundsback: See if you're entitled to a German pension refund


Have you ever worked in Germany and made pension insurance contributions? If so, there’s a good chance that there’s some money waiting for you.

Fundsback’s premium Pensioncheck service investigates how much pension you have accrued with the Deutsche Rentenversicherung and determines if you are entitled to a regular pension benefit or a refund.

The Pensioncheck is simple, fast and secure, and an incredible 98 percent of customers who complete it are entitled to a pension from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

The Pensioncheck: How does it work?

So, what exactly is the Pensioncheck? It’s a neat little product that makes sure you get all the German pension you are entitled to. This little video explains everything:

In a nutshell, once you have provided Fundsback with details of your employment in Germany, they will compare this with the information held by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, to make sure that your entire working period in Germany has been recorded in your personal pension insurance account. This important step makes sure that none of your contributions are lost.

The Fundsbackpension report

Within a few days, once their review is complete, you will receive an overview of the current status of your German pension account. This Fundsback pension report details the options open to you, taking into account your insurance period and citizenship, as well as current statutory regulations and social security agreements.

Customers usually have the choice of two follow-on products:  

  1. Pension Cash Out: Reimbursement of pension contributions paid by you
  2. Pension Assist: Preparation of the application for the payment of an old-age pension

The Pensioncheck service is free of charge! You only pay if you receive a refund.

Pension Cash Out

In certain circumstances, you may be entitled to a reimbursement of your pension contributions. In order to receive a refund, you must be a non-EU citizen who has left the EU and finished working in Germany two years ago. You must also have worked in Germany for less than 60 months in total. If you fulfil these criteria, you may be eligible for a payout.  

Pension Assist

In principle, if you do not meet the criteria for a pension cash out, then you are entitled to draw a German pension once you reach retirement age. As the Deutsche Rentenversicherung does not actively approach former foreign employees, you do not automatically receive an old-age pension, but must apply for one yourself.

Fundsback guides you through the jungle of applications to secure your pension and maximise your payments. Your pension benefits can then be transferred to anywhere in the world.

Keep track of your pension benefits

One thing common to a lot of expats is that they lose track of the pension benefits they have accrued as they move from country to country. Make sure you don’t lose out on any money you are entitled to, and complete a Pensioncheck.

Don’t wait, start your pension enquiry now!

About Fundsback

As competent and experienced pension specialists, Fundsback is the first point of contact for all international expats who have worked in Germany. They aim to reduce the complexity of the German pension insurance procedure, creating clarity for their customers through simple processes.

The customer is Fundsback’s focus. From beginning to end they cater to the needs and wishes of the customer, standing for maximum speed, direct communication, digital processes, objective consulting and high security.

Happy customers are Fundsback’s greatest endorsers. They are trusted by people from all over the world, including former NBA basketball pros, ice hockey stars and national soccer players.

Helping all kinds of people

These days, we all bear more responsibility. Fundsback takes this responsibility seriously.

They enjoy helping people. It’s what they stand for. For this reason, they do not limit themselves to reimbursing pension contributions or assisting people with applications for pensions.

fundsback charity

They do more. They support international projects, especially projects that provide people with clean water.

If you also want to make a small contribution, to help make the world a little bit better, contact them via email.



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