Get English-speaking urgent care in Germany with Mobi Doctor

Get English-speaking urgent care in Germany with Mobi Doctor


Virtual urgent care is a growing trend in Germany, offering patients the option of receiving medical treatment for non-emergency conditions from the comfort of their own home. This service is especially helpful for individuals who do not speak German and may have difficulty communicating with in-person healthcare providers.

Schedule an appointment with the Mobi Doctor team and get medical advice in minutes!

Get medical help seven days a week with Mobi Doctor

Tired of waiting to see the doctor? Founded by Christian Lundstad, Mobi Doctor is a platform with English-speaking doctors in Germany, designed to make healthcare more accessible. If you’re facing a non-emergency health problem, Mobi Doctor could be the right doctor near you, connecting you with a professional in just a few seconds. 

In the case of serious emergencies, or if you require in-person treatment, it’s best to seek emergency medical care. You can call 112 for emergency services or dial 116 117 to contact a nearby on-call medical unit. 

For non-emergency matters, however, Mobi Doctor’s virtual team is available seven days a week and can see you any time of the day. No more waiting until Monday to get an appointment - see one of their professional doctors today and get the urgent care you need in just a few minutes. As well as offering information and advice, they can also prescribe appropriate treatments for various non-emergency health issues. 

Talk to English-speaking doctors in Germany

When you’re hurt or sick, you shouldn't have to work across a language barrier with your doctor. 

Mobi Doctor’s team of doctors are all fluent English speakers, so you can quickly get to the bottom of your health issue and get the treatment you need. 

Chat with a member of the team today, and in just a few minutes, you could be on the path to better health!

Get quick and easy urgent care from anywhere

One of the major benefits of virtual urgent care is that it allows patients to receive medical treatment from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that even if you are travelling or unable to leave your home, you can still get the medical help you need. 

Virtual urgent care is also a more affordable option than in-person urgent care, with Mobi Doctor offering consultations for just 24 euros.

Online urgent care in Germany that’s safe and easy to use

Not a tech wiz? Don’t worry - it’s easy to take advantage of Mobi Doctor’s online healthcare services. Their English platform is simple to understand and very user-friendly. Connect with them over the internet through your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Just make sure you have a working camera and microphone. 

The Mobi Doctor platform also protects your data, and the doctors pay utmost attention to patient privacy while delivering care.  

Schedule an appointment with Mobi Doctor today

If you’re looking to avoid a trip to an emergency clinic in Germany, you’re in luck. With Mobi Doctor, you can schedule an appointment and get the medical help you need from the comfort of home, without having to wait. 

During your appointment, one of Mobi Doctor’s English-speaking doctors will help you solve your medical problem. Take advantage of Mobi Doctor’s services and schedule an online appointment today!



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