German Bundestag likely to pass cannabis law this week

German Bundestag likely to pass cannabis law this week

Germany’s coalition government has said that it is likely to pass the country’s new legislation to legalise cannabis consumption this week. The new law should partially apply from April 1.

Germany poised to push through weed legalisation

“I believe that the Bundestag will pass the cannabis law by Friday at the latest,” German Bundestag member Carmen Wegge (SPD) told the Stern newspaper.

“Nothing formally stands in the way of the law being passed,” chair of the Bundestag health committee Kirsten Kappert-Gonther told the paper, adding that the reform was a move “away from the ineffective and harmful prohibition policy and towards one that focusses on the protection of young people and health”. 

Marijuana law will apply from April 1

If the law is passed in the Bundestag this week, it should come into force from April 1, 2024. From then onwards, adults will be allowed to grow three cannabis plants at home and will be allowed to have limited amounts of cannabis on their person.

From July 1, Germany will allow Cannabis Social Clubs, to which people will have to register as a member. These clubs are at the heart of the new law and will allow members over 21 years old to purchase up to 50 grams of cannabis per month.

For those under 18, cannabis consumption will continue to be forbidden, and CSC members aged between 18 and 21 will only be allowed to purchase cannabis with a maximum THC content of 10 percent, and only up to 30 grams per month.

The new law will also mean that proceedings and fines for cannabis-related crimes will be dropped by police, and previously imposed penalties will be made void.

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