Filing your US taxes abroad is an absolute breeze with MyExpatTaxes

Filing your US taxes abroad is an absolute breeze with MyExpatTaxes


Living abroad as an American can be an exciting time. Not only are you getting exposed to a new lifestyle and culture, but there is a sense of freedom and opportunity.

On the other hand, being an American abroad means you not only need to abide by your host country’s laws, but the US’s as well.

In every US passport is the statement that every American, living on land or abroad, needs to report their worldwide income to the IRS every year. This is such a momentous task that many Americans end up paying hundreds of unnecessary dollars for CPAs and tax companies to do their taxes for them.

Yes, expat taxes are tricky and complicated. That’s why an American abroad from California decided to do something about it. The MyExpatTaxes expat tax software has been built for Americans abroad and specifically helps them put financial power in their hands.

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Made for expats, founded by an expat

The CEO of MyExpatTaxes, Nathalie Goldstein, first struggled with expat taxation when she lived abroad as an American in Vienna. When tax season hit, to her disappointment, she had to pay over 500 dollars for a tax professional to do her US taxes.

As we all know, US taxes can be a pain - especially when you have to sign and mail papers back and forth across oceans. The tipping point was when Nathalie’s CPA wrote the wrong address and sent her tax forms somewhere else entirely (mistaking Austria for Australia!).

MyExpatTaxes: Revolutionary tax software for Americans abroad

Frustrated with the difficulties of expat taxation in our modern-day world, Nathalie decided to do three things: Hire a team of expert IT engineers, become an enrolled agent, and start her own expat tax company.

MyExpatTaxes came into being to help the nine million Americans abroad, like Nathalie herself, become tax compliant without the stress. Thus, her team created what is now an award-winning expat tax software, exclusively for American expats.

Easy to use and kind to your wallet

One of the main perks of the software is its affordability. Expats’ wallets are taken into account, since the company realizes expat life is hard, and not everyone can afford a professional to handle all the US tax forms.

myexpattaxes screenshot

Therefore, with intelligent software and a dedicated team of expat tax professionals, MyExpatTaxes costs just 149 euros. It’s so smooth and simple to use, it’s relatively common to get your US taxes done in 30 minutes or less.

5 big reasons to choose MyExpatTaxes:

MyExpatTaxes stands apart from all the other expat tax companies in the following ways:

  1. The team specifically helps you avoid double taxation by including tax forms like the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, with personalized support to guide you.
  2. MyExpatTaxes takes complex tax forms, IRS codes and international tax treaties, and makes them simple and easy-to-understand for expats.
  3. The software gives you the opportunity to back file taxes if you missed filing forms in the past, through the Streamlined Procedure, and thus avoid penalties.
  4. You can start for free and only pay when you are convinced this is the right expat tax support system for you.
  5. Using the software is simple: Sign in, answer a small amount of questions that are relevant for your return. Once done, confirm the calculations and then submit.

Exciting offer for you

For the year 2020, MyExpatTaxes is offering their customers new features:

  • Full Streamlined Filing Capability: File for 4 years (3 back years + current year) & 7 years of FBARs (6 back years + current year), all in the app.
  • Form 8621: Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) reporting abilities will be supported through their higher support model.
  • Professional Support Models: As requested, they will offer more support models in addition to their speedy online app abilities.

Additionally, they offer a passport renewal service through to help Americans abroad in Germany renew their passport easily and online.

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