Drunken German train driver wreaks havoc with passengers

Drunken German train driver wreaks havoc with passengers

The driver of an S-Bahn train in Stuttgart has been arrested after he skipped stations and refused to let passengers out at planned stops.

Drunk German train driver causes calamity with passengers

A train driver in Germany who was drunk during his shift hours has been arrested near Stuttgart after his irresponsible behaviour caused disruption and danger to passengers. The 43-year-old driver had been skipping scheduled stations and stopping at others but then not opening the doors to let passengers alight the S6 service.

Among other escapades, the train driver was making announcements to passengers, the content of which had little to do with the progress of their journey. According to police, in said announcements, the driver was complaining about his employer, Deutsche Bahn.

Concerned mother called the police after the runaway train

After the train skipped a number of stops, a woman waiting on the platform in Rutesheim to collect her daughter, who was on the drunken driver’s train, saw the locomotive roll straight through the station and called the police in a panic.

After the train had completed its 12-stop, 40-minute journey, the driver let passengers out at the end station of Weil der Stadt. The driver was then arrested by police at Korntal-Münchingen and taken to hospital where he was found to have 2,8 percent pro mille alcohol content in his blood. 

A Deutsche Bahn representative has now announced that the driver has lost his job and had his train driver’s licence revoked. Despite the fact that he began his drunken shift at 1.38pm that day, the driver’s irresponsible behaviour caused minimal harm.

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