CSU push for Berlin Bürgerämter to open on Saturdays

CSU push for Berlin Bürgerämter to open on Saturdays

A CSU representative in Berlin has suggested that the city’s Bürgerämter be open on Saturdays to reduce long waiting times for an appointment.

Could Berlin Bürgerämter be open on Saturdays?

This week, Berlin’s Chief Digital Officer Martina Klement (CSU) is set to discuss with other government officials whether Bürgerämter (citizens’ offices) in the German city should have opening hours on Saturdays.

Currently, Berliners have to wait around 33 days before they can expect to get an appointment at their local Bürgeramt, which is required to renew a driving licence, register at a new home or renew a German passport, among other administrative procedures.

Many newcomers to Germany are surprised by the existing opening hours of Bürgerämter, which are open five days a week but tend to close their doors in the early hours of the afternoon on many days.

Critics say there would be no staff to work extra opening hours

While Klement is set to bring her idea to the table this week, critics have already been quick to point out that adding extra Bürgerämter opening times on a Saturday would not solve a core problem, that the city’s administration offices are understaffed.

Bürgerämter are just one service further wilting in Germany’s record-high worker shortage, which is seeing 360.000 positions left vacant in the public sector alone, according to the dbb trade union.

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