Berlin to make moving certificates (Ummeldung) available online by spring 2023

Berlin to make moving certificates (Ummeldung) available online by spring 2023

Growing digitalisation means Berliners who have recently changed address within the city will be able to get a moving certificate online.

Online portal for Berlin Ummeldung available by next spring

Berliners who plan to move within the German city will be pleased to hear that come spring 2023, the process of registering a new address (Ummeldung) within Berlin will be available online, rather than just in-person at the citizens' office (Bürgeramt). Residents will be able to use their electronic ID (eID), such as a residence permit, to electronically authenticate themselves via a portal.

If you hold an eID, you will need a PIN to complete the online moving certificate process. You normally receive the PIN with your eID, but if you have lost your PIN or can't remember the code, you will have to make an appointment at the citizens' office. If you do not hold an eID, it is not yet clear if you will be able to benefit from the online services. Another limitation is that only single-person households in Berlin will be allowed to use the new online services.

How do people currently register their new address within Berlin?

Anyone lucky enough to find a new flat in Berlin is met with the dilemma of trying to find an appointment to register their move with the citizens' office. Officially, Berliners are required to register the move no later than 14 days after leaving their old apartment.

However, Berlin’s outdated administrative system means that all moving certificate appointments must currently be done in person, leading to a shortage of slots. Many Berliners struggle to find an appointment within the 14-day limit or are forced to travel to a citizens' office in a different part of the city to register their new address.

Germany’s official administration systems are slowly digitising

The change comes as part of a wider move to digitise Germany’s administration, which has been taking place over the past few years. In 2021 the Bundestag passed the Register Modernisation Act, suggesting that a citizens' ID (Bürger-ID) should replace the tax ID number, to help streamline administration in areas such as driving licences, pensions and health insurance.

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