5 reasons why Kontist is the best tax solution for expat freelancers

5 reasons why Kontist is the best tax solution for expat freelancers


Taxes and accounting are complicated topics, even in your native language. But dealing with these troublesome topics in German as a foreigner? You like challenges, don’t you!

As a freelancer, you are responsible for lots of administrative tasks yourself. For most people, accounting and taxes are some of the most time-consuming ones. Why? Because in Germany the tax system is quite overwhelming (even for Germans!). 

Get some help with your freelance finances

You have to be very accurate, detailed and punctual to protect your business from risks. That’s why you should consider getting professional support here instead of taking care of it yourself. 

If you’d like a helping hand with your taxes and accounting while freelancing in Germany, Kontist Steuerberatung is a great solution for you. It is available on desktops and smartphones. With Kontist’s help, you can be sure that: 

  1. You will be completely covered and compliant in terms of taxes and accounting
  2. You can get help, when you need it, in English 

kontist get rid of tax struggles

Here are five other reasons why Kontist could be the best tax advisory solution for you as an expat freelancer in Germany.

1. Kontist is one app that takes care of all of your freelancing needs

Kontist was created by freelancers for freelancers. So, everything is designed to ease the pains of self-employed people. With Kontist Steuerberatung by your side you can:

  • Benefit from a smart business bank account 
  • Organise your bookkeeping on the go
  • Hand your tax admin to professional experts specialised in freelance taxes

Kontist Banking gives you an automated income tax and VAT calculation, so you never lose track and spend beyond your means. The Kontist App will also help you to manage your finances by automatically building reserves to pay your tax bill. Banking has never been so easy. 

The Kontist App gives you several options for organising your bookkeeping. Different options for handling receipts and invoices make it possible to do your accounting while on the road. No sorting, no filing. Receipts and invoices can also be auto-matched with banking transactions for your convenience.

If you need them, Kontist’s professional tax experts will take care of your tax declarations (business and private), VAT declarations and more. The App will let you know once your tax declarations are ready to be sent, so you can give them a final check before sending them over to the tax office. 

2. Kontist experts communicate with the tax office for you

Tired of trying to understand what the German tax authorities want from you? You are not alone! Even for Germans, their bureaucratic language is often like a foreign language. 

But not for Kontist’s tax experts! With them in charge, you won’t receive any letters from the German tax office, but you’ll always be kept in the loop about what’s going on. As your tax advisor, Kontist makes sure that everything is submitted correctly and on time, without you having to lift a finger. 

3. You get an English-speaking friend by your side

Everybody at Kontist can speak English fluently and everything within the App is available in English. For non-German-speaking expats, Kontist helps break the language barrier (and the tax world language barrier, for that matter, because Kontist has made it their mission to translate bureaucratic German into a language everyone can understand). 

4. Kontist comes at a predictable and affordable monthly fixed price 

With Kontist, you don’t have any nasty surprises or additional costs, because all packages come with a fixed price tag: 9 euros per month for Premium and 179 euros per month for Tax Service.

You can see below exactly what is included:

Premium Banking (9 euros per month) Tax Service (179 euros per month)
  • Visa business debit card 
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • CSV export & account statement
  • Transaction notes and receipt scanning 
  • Automatic categorisation
  • Automatic income tax calculation
  • Automatic VAT calculation
  • MT940 export for DATEV
  • Invoicing tool
  • Everything included with Premium Banking, plus:
  • Tax declarations (business and private)
  • Communications with tax office
  • Support from professional accountants 
  • Monthly financial bookkeeping
  • VAT declarations (USt.-VA)
  • P&L statement (EÜR)
  • Receipt upload (mobile & web)
  • Automatic tax savings


5. Benefit from top tax-saving tips

Keeping track of all the changes in the German tax system is difficult. With Kontist, you will never miss new deadlines or tax-saving possibilities. Did you know that you can save taxes on your pet, children, and costs for a tax advisor or a cleaner? Even paying for the work of a craftsman can be deducted from your tax bill. Find out more with the Kontist app!  

How do I sign up? 

Ready to delegate your tax issues to Kontist’s digital tax professionals and focus on your business, and on your life? Book a free consultation to see what Kontist can do for you. 



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