4 reasons to relocate to Bremen as a family

4 reasons to relocate to Bremen as a family

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Bremen, a northwestern German city on the River Weser, is becoming increasingly popular for both families and students. This major cultural and economic hub is especially noted for its booming aerospace industry. Jamie Perfect from the International School of Bremen (ISB) delves into the reasons why Bremen is an attractive place for expat families. 

1. Bremen: Industrial and aerospace capital

Bremen is home to major companies like Daimler, OHB SE, and Beck’s Brewery, making it a centre of industry. Its evolving aeronautics and space sectors have also earned it a reputation as one of Europe's leading space capitals. 

Big players in the aerospace domain such as Airbus Defence and Space and the DLR Institute for Space Systems are based here. For those intrigued by aerospace, Bremen offers prospects of working at renowned companies like Airbus and OHB SE.

Bremen is also regarded as a major centre for science, being designated “City of Science” status in 2005. The city is home to numerous independent research associations, which are affiliated with universities through joint professorships, including the Max Planck Society and the Leibniz Institute. This concentration of science and technology in the city has resulted in the establishment of the Technology Park Bremen, which hosts 400 enterprises and 6.000 employees. 

2. Safety and family-friendliness

Bremen is a secure city with an array of living options and good transport connections. The work-life balance is commendable, offering diverse employment opportunities. In general, Bremen is a very safe place to live, although some level of crime is of course to be expected for a city with more than 500.000 residents. 

Bremen also offers no shortage of activities and amenities for families: the city is awash with family-friendly eateries, cultural and sports institutions, and more than 200 public playgrounds! Highlights include the Bürgerpark, one of the biggest parks in Bremen, which comes complete with not only playgrounds but a small zoo and boat rentals. The Universum science museum contains plenty to inspire young minds, while the Stadtbibliothek (city library) has a fantastic children’s section with enough titles to quell the thirst of any young bookworm. 

Families in Bremen also benefit from all of Germany’s family-friendly benefits and tax advantages, including child benefits, a generous parental leave scheme, joint tax filing for married couples, and other new initiatives like a “culture pass” for disadvantaged children entering their teenage years. 

3. Education and academics

Education is of primary importance in Germany, and Bremen makes no exception to this rule, offering a wide range of public, private and international schools, as well as a selection of higher education institutions. 

The University of Bremen is the most famous institution in the city, with a student body of around 22.000. It is particularly well regarded for its natural and engineering sciences, social sciences and humanities courses, and in 2012 was named one of only 11 “Universities of Excellence” in Germany. Jacobs University, Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Bremen School of Art and the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven also all call this small city home. 

Since 2016, an organisation known as HERE has been operating in Bremen, giving advice to refugees and international residents on how to gain entry to one of the public universities in Bremen, including German courses and introductory sessions on student life in Germany. 

4. Leisure and attractions

Bremen is adjacent to attractions like Serengeti Park, North Germany's largest safari and leisure park, and Walsrode Bird Park, the world’s largest bird park with a stunning botanical garden. Nature enthusiasts can explore Luneburg Heath’s forested acres or enjoy walking trips in Fischerhude.

The city also stages many popular events and festivals year-round, from the Breminale, a five-day festival of culture that lights up the banks of the Weser River each year, to the Osterwiese spring fair, and the world-famous Christmas Markets. The annual Freimarkt, held each year in October for almost 1.000 years, also gives Munich’s more famous Oktoberfest a very good run for its money. 

Considering its industrial standing, educational opportunities, and quality of life, Bremen stands as an excellent choice for students and families alike. If you’re moving to the area with kids and looking for a school, ISB provides English-language education from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Contact the International School of Bremen for more information.

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